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Official NameHomeworld 2
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Relic Entertainment
Publisher (s)Sierra Entertainment
Composer (s)Paul Ruskay
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)September 16, 2003
Genre (s)Real-time strategy
Mode (s)Single-player, multiplayer


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Homeworld 2 Download Free Full Game is a real-time strategy computer game sequel to Homeworld, developed by Relic Entertainment and released in 2003 by now defunct publisher Sierra Entertainment. Its story concerns Hiigara's response to a new enemy called the Vaygr. Its gameplay takes a new direction with the enhancement of its graphics and audio. In contrast to the closely equivalent Kushan and Taiidan forces of the original game, Vaygr and Hiigaran spaceships differ significantly in design and application.


Homeworld 2 shares the movement system and three-dimensional play area of its predecessor. Units are moved three-dimensionally using a combination of mouse movements and key presses to modify the z-axis of the destination position.

Gameplay in Homeworld 2 depends on so-called «Resource Units,» (RUs) which are collected by harvester craft. RUs are the currency for both ship creation and technology research, placing limits on what combination of shipbuilding and new technology research can be carried out in a single game.

The player's fleet is centered on the Mothership, the destruction of which results in an immediate Game Over in a single-player game, and is a critical loss in a multiplayer game. The Mothership is capable of constructing all but the very largest ships, which must be built using Shipyards (the game states these are built at orbital facilities and arrive via hyperspace). The Mothership can also build Carriers, which themselves can build any ship from the Fighter, Corvette and Frigate families. Although the Mothership is initially the center of new research, Carriers and Shipyards can build their own on-board Research Labs. Homeworld 2 Free Download.

All units in Homeworld 2 are starships of various classes, from small to large: Fighter, Corvette, Frigate and Capital Ship. Although the larger ships are more powerful and durable, they are also much slower and less maneuverable. Ships within each class specialize in certain areas and are vulnerable to certain other ships, although there may be ships in the same class that do not share the same vulnerability. Ion Cannon Frigates, for instance, are very vulnerable to fighters due to the unwieldy (albeit powerful) nature of their single weapon. Flak Frigates, however, are specifically intended for use against fighters, but lack the firepower to defend themselves against other frigates. Effective use of the relative strengths of each ship is essential for success.

Homeworld 2 allows players to co-opt enemy ships using specialized frigates, much like the original game. These maneuver close to enemy vessels and dispatch boarding parties, which capture the vessel after a short period of time; capture can be sped up by using multiple Frigates against the same target simultaneously. However, these frigates are completely exposed to attack during the boarding process, and all capturing progress is lost if they are destroyed.

Although Homeworld 2 nominally has no difficulty setting, it features dynamic difficulty adjustments, in which the strength of a level's opposition is determined using the composition of the fleet the player enters the level with (the fleet remaining at the end of the previous level). This led to an exploit in which players «retired» all of their ships at the end of the previous level, reducing them to RUs, and entering the next level with a huge store of raw materials to use against a very weak enemy. The game also codifies the support caps introduced in Homeworld, and explained in Homeworld: Cataclysm, by placing overall limits on how many ships of each class the player may control at once. Homeworld 2 Free Download PC Game.

Mission objectives in the single-player game are primarily achieved by destroying key enemy elements, capturing particular targets, protecting certain units for a particular amount of time, or towing an object back to the Mothership. In addition to the storyline objectives, a significant portion of the missions require the destruction of all enemy units.


Homeworld 2 can be played online with 5 other players.


Homeworld 2 continues the struggle of the Hiigarans and their leader Karan S'jet. While in the original game the player could select either the Kushan or Taiidan races, in the sequel the Kushan are established as the canonical protagonists.

During the events of the original game, the Kushan race of the planet Kharak began a quest to discover and reclaim their home planet. The Kushan discovered the wreckage of the Khar-Toba, an interstellar transport, in a desert on Kharak, and inside found a galactic map etched on a piece of stone. From this the Kushan concluded they had been transplanted to Kharak some time ago. To reclaim their home planet—"Hiigara"— the Kushan built an enormous self-sufficient Mothership to carry 600,000 people on a crusade to reclaim Hiigara. This led to the engagement and eventual defeat of the Taiidan Empire which exiled them.

The story continues that, while it wasn't known at the time, the Hyperspace Core found in the Khar-Toba that was used to power the Mothership was incredibly rare and one of only three in the galaxy. The Cores, of which the Kushan had the second, were left behind by a so-called Progenitor race, which eventually allowed hyperspace travel. The First Core was possessed by the Bentusi: a powerful and enigmatic race of traders who assisted the Exiles during the first game.

The third was lost until approximately one hundred years after the Exiles reclaimed Hiigara, found by a Vaygr Warlord named Makaan. With his massive Flagship empowered by the third core, Makaan began a campaign of conquest, seizing control of the remnants of the Taiidan Empire and surrounding star systems, and—as of the beginning of Homeworld 2—began attempts to capture Hiigara. The story states that religious beings of the galaxy consider the discovery of the Third Core to announce the End Times, during which Sajuuk, thought to be an immensely powerful being, will return. Makaan believes himself to be the Sajuuk-Khar, a messianic figure that will unite the Three Cores and herald the return of Sajuuk.

The game begins with the commissioning of a new Mothership, the Pride of Hiigara, similar in shape and design to the original Mothership and commanded by Karan S'jet, as in the original game. The ship is attacked by the Vaygr during the final stages of construction but escapes. The Bentusi inform the Hiigarans that they must find Balcora Gate, left behind by the Progenitors, behind which is something essential for stopping either the Vaygr threat, the End Times, or both. The Great Harbor Ship of Bentus, last of the Bentusi, sacrifices itself after being ambushed in a Progenitor AI attack, leaving its Core for the Hiigarans to claim in order to stop Makaan. Homeworld 2 for PC.

But the Warlord learns of the Balcora Gate as well, and the game's penultimate mission takes place on the other side of Balcora Gate, where Hiigarans and Vaygr alike discover that Sajuuk is in fact a Mothership-sized Progenitor starship, with sockets for the Three Hyperspace Cores. The Hiigaran fleet engages Makaan's forces and destroys them, claiming the Third Core from Makaan's destroyed Flagship. With all three Cores, the Hiigarans reactivate Sajuuk, abandoning the Pride of Hiigara, and use it to defeat the leaderless-but-still-dangerous Vaygr invasion; Sajuuk is later found to be the key to a galaxy-wide network of hyperspace gates, ushering in a new age of trade and prosperity for all civilized races in the galaxy — the Age of Karan S'jet, the true Sajuuk-Khar.


Like the original Homeworld, there are only a handful of individual characters with a prominent place in the narrative:

Karan S'jet: The main protagonist, the scientist who volunteered to become the living core of the Mothership during the original game, returns once again as Fleet Command on the Pride of Hiigara to lead the Hiigaran fleet against the Vaygr. She is voiced by Jennifer Dawne Graveness, taking over for Heidi Ernest (the original voice of Fleet Command in the first game and in the training missions for Cataclysm). It was announced at PAX South in 2015 that the voice change was due to personal circumstances that left Ernest unable to reprise her role as Fleet Command, though she returned to the role for the Remastered Collection.[1][2]

Fleet Intelligence: Much like in the original game, Fleet Intelligence is a male character who analyzes sensor data and generates mission objectives during the single-player campaign; also like in the original game, he is not heard in multiplayer. He is voiced by Eli Gabay in the original release. Michael Sunczyk, the voice of Fleet Intelligence in the first game, returned to the role for the Remastered Edition in 2015.[2]

Captain Soban: Commander of the Ferin Sha fleet that aids in the defense of the Pride of Hiigara during a Vaygr attack.

Captain Elohim: Commander of a Kiith Nabaal shipyard that eventually joins the Mothership fleet.

Makaan: The main antagonist, Makaan is a warlord of the Vaygr and ruler of an interstellar domain that includes the remnants of the Taiidan Empire. He believes himself to be the Sajuuk-khar, the Chosen One who will unite the Three Cores and bring about the return of Sajuuk. Unlike the Taiidan Emperor in the original Homeworld, Makaan is a battle-hardened warlord and brilliant strategist. He is voiced by Mark Oliver. Homeworld 2 Download Torrent.

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