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Official NameHatred
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Destructive Creations
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)2015
Genre (s)Shoot 'em up



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Hatred Download Free Full Game is an isometric shoot 'em up video game developed and published by Destructive Creations and was released on June 1, 2015 on Microsoft Windows. The player-character is a misanthropic mass-killing sociopath who begins a «genocide crusade» to kill as many human beings as possible. The developer described Hatred as a reaction to video game aesthetic trends such as political correctness, politeness, vivid color, and games as art. Its October 2014 announcement trailer was characterized as «controversial» by multiple video game journalists. The game was shortly removed by Valve Corporation from their Steam Greenlight service due to its extremely violent content but was later brought back with a personal apology from Gabe Newell. It was then successfully greenlit on December 29, 2014 and fully released on June 1, 2015.

Hatred received negative critic reviews, with some panning the game for its lack of variation, and one critic drawing comparisons between Hatred and the 1997 video game Postal. Hatred Free Download.


In Hatred, a shooter video game presented in isometric perspective, the player-character is a mass-killing villain who hates humanity and begins a «genocide crusade» to kill innocent civilians and police officers. The player can carry three weapons at a time and an assortment of grenades, as well as drive some of the vehicles appearing on the map. Health is regenerated by performing executions on incapacitated people; the moves made to kill those victims involve a switch of camera perspective, being cinematic. If the player is killed, the level restarts entirely unless the player completed additional sidequests that provide a limited number of respawn points. The character's voice acting is deliberately kept to a minimum, with his ideology and motivations largely left open.


The plot of Hatred revolves around a disturbed man whose name as well as background is not given, with him only known by nicknames such as «The Antagonist», and who feels sick and tired of humanity's existence. The Antagonist arms himself with an AK-47, three frag grenades, and a sharp military combat knife in his home to start his «Genocide Crusade» on the streets of New York City. The spree killer begins murdering all the civilians and police officers that he can, the police trying in vain to stop him, and he also kidnaps an innocent person before torturing the victim in his basement and killing him. The Antagonist then travels to the large police station at 1 Police Plaza to kill all remaining police officers (dubbed «Human Shields» in the context of the game due to the police's failing efforts in trying to protect civilians). After killing the «Human Shields», the Antagonist plans to ambush the reinforcements pursuing him through the sewers. A full team of S.W.A.T. officers arrives, and the Antagonist ruthlessly kills them all. After exiting the sewers, he arrives at a marina where he slaughters the civilians present there before escaping the armed police response via train. Hatred Free Download PC Game.

During the train ride, the Antagonist discovers that there is a nuclear power plant in New Jersey. Expressing interest in heading for the plant, he begins to slaughter everyone on board the train, including armed civilians, mafia members, armed soldiers, and the oddly oblivious train operator. He stops the train and makes his way on foot to a truck station where an additional S.W.A.T team arrives and exchanges fire with the Antagonist. The Antagonist slaughters them and then leaves by hijacking their armed S.W.A.T. van.

The Antagonist begins to massacre people in the train station. He murders a group of local gun dealers, stealing their arms and killing many civilians in the process. While spreading the bloodshed, he discovers that the United States military is now hunting him down. The Antagonist heads straight downtown into urban New York City to slaughter even more civilians.

The Antagonist arrives armed with a flamethrower at a rally for local politician José Morales. He attacks the rally and the civilians in the nearby area, which draws even more members of the police and the military to him. After slaughtering everyone in his way, the Antagonist leaves on a hijacked Humvee for a nearby military base to procure explosives that he may use in the aforementioned nuclear plant. Hatred for PC.

The Antagonist arrives at the (fictional) military base at Fort O'Connor. Despite facing sustained, strong opposition, the Antagonist eliminates every soldier in the base, and the military is completely overwhelmed. The Antagonist remarks that he has succeeded in personifying the cliché of a «One-Man Army» by getting rid of all military opposition. The Antagonist exits Fort O'Connor with C-4 charges and finally heads directly to the nuclear power station.

The Antagonist storms the power plant and engages in battle with the security forces, intending to overload the reactor and trigger a nuclear event that would decimate the rest of the city. After entering the code (666, though the same ending occurs if a different code is entered), he is attacked by a security guard, yet gleefully kneels and laughingly accepts his fate. The soldiers shoot him many times in the chest as he collapses. Severely injured on the ground, he activates the trigger, wondering if the explosives will truly work. The power plant erupts and wipes out huge sections of New York City, with posthumous voice of the Antagonist saying: «Well, they did.» Hatred Download Torrent.

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