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Official NameHacknet
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Team Fractal Alligator
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)2015
Genre (s)Simulation



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Hacknet Full PC Game Overview

Hacknet Download Free Full Game is a 2015 video game that allows the player to perform simulated hacking.


The game is controlled with a combination of a graphical interface and a text based console. It is generally possible to use either interface to perform tasks. The core of the gameplay is to connect to other computers and run dedicated programs to break the security so that you can get administrative powers on the computer. The general procedure is to first run a scan to see what protections the computer has and then run programs matching what the scan revealed. Hacknet Free Download.

The game notably averts the common trope of bouncing a connection between several intermediary computers before reaching the target computer. Instead a simplified system of a variable speed countdown is used to force the player to act quickly. If this countdown reaches zero, the player is given one last chance to avoid a game over by hacking their ISP and changing their IP address.

Once administrative powers have been obtained, the file system of the computer is investigated. The exact task on each computer varies for each mission, but can in general be performed by running a specific command to access one or more files on the system.

A few systems have specialized interfaces, such as email systems and databases.

Most computer systems contain text files that can be read. A large majority of the files are quotes from the website bash.org.


The game begins with the player being automatically contacted by an user by the username «bit». The automated message asks, presuming that bit himself is dead, that the player will investigate their death.

After the tutorial, the story largely takes a back seat for openended gameplay, with one mission to address the fate of bit. This mission suggests that bit was involved in shady stuff. Hacknet Free Download PC Game.

Key events

As the player progresses through the game a few key events happen.


One of the missions the player takes on involves an opposing hacker by the alias of «Naix». They take offense to being investigated and attack the player by hacking their system. This attack is very difficult to defend against and if unsuccessfully dealt with will result in the game gui disappearing, leaving the player with a minimal console interface. Once the player has recovered their system from the attack the storyline of the game splits. The player can choose to take revenge on the attacker and as a reward get access to a third faction in the game. Or the player can follow the guidance of their mission control and make a statement that such behavior is not acceptable.

Project Junebug

One late game mission in the game is called «Project Junebug». While the player can see it right after joining the hacking group that offers it, the mission will remain locked until all other missions have been taken care of. The mission is a request to provide euthanasia for someone terminally ill by hacking their pacemaker.


As the final story arc of the game, the player breaks into the computers of a computer security software company . As they do so, they are faced with a mysterious protection system that can't be hacked with the tools at the disposal of the player. As the player manages to find alternative ways into the protected systems, they discover that bit was involved in a project for the company. Specifically, the creation of a highly advanced operating system specialized in computer hacking. The plan for the project is revealed to be to unleash the new operating system to the world in order to cause consumer demand for the protection system.

bit in particular was a major contributor. As the project was nearing its completion, bit was starting to question the morality of the project. Due to miscommunication, one of the project owners accidentally orders an assassination of bit. Hacknet for PC.

Hacknet Free Download PC Game

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