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Official NameGrid Runner
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Radical Entertainment
Publisher (s)Virgin Interactive
Producer (s)Brian Thalken
Designer (s)Ryan Slemko
Programmer (s)Stephen Lyons
Artist (s)Ryan Slemko
Composer (s)Paul Ruskay
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)October 31, 1996
Genre (s)Action game
Mode (s)Single-player, multiplayer


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Grid Runner Download Free Full Game (known as Grid Run in Europe) is an action game developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Virgin Interactive for the Sega Saturn, PlayStation and Microsoft Windows in 1996.


Grid Runner is a top-down game similar to tag. The object of the game is to change a set amount of flags scattered around the playfield to the colour of your player. Upon starting the game, two players must race to find the first flag. The first player to get to this flag will change the flag's color to blue or red (player 1 or Player 2's color, respectively). The loser will then be marked as «it» and must then hunt down the other player «tagging» them and making them «it» instead. Only the player not marked as «it» may change the colours of the flags, and as soon as the desired number of flags have been changed, that player will win.

The map takes a grid-like form, featuring numerous types of tiles allowing the player to speed up in one direction, teleport or allow further pathways to appear. Each player is armed with a laser gun that can slow the opponent down, and each player may build «bridges» to overcome gaps. The players may also use magic found on the map to slow down your opponent, teleport or speed up. Shields and time for the bonus stages are also collectible. Grid Runner Free Download.

Each level is split into three rounds against an opponent, which the player must win in order to succeed. Opponents often come with certain abilities, giving them better control on ice for example, or being able to build two «bridges» at once. After each level there is a bonus level in which more magic can be obtained.[1]


The protagonist Axxel and his partner Tara, a pair of freelance space adventurers, are sent on a mission to the Gridonion Asteroid Field, a path between Earth and the Nether-Planets, to find out why ships have been mysteriously disappearing. While investigating a seemingly deserted alien ship in the asteroid field, Axxel is captured by the evil witch Empress Vorga, who then forces Axxel to play a deadly game competing against her demonic minions.

Throughout the gameplay, Axxel must use his speed,magic,and agility to out maneuver his opponents to collect the flags needed for him to advance. as the game progresses the enemies become faster and deadlier.starting from the Slowest minion named Krosh to the fast paced unbeatable of Vorga's minions Newmian.passing through the Nether-planets Axxel has the experience to visit these forbidden planets such as the goulish planet of Trepidaria (a planet with bones and blood in the background) to the planet Iris (a dimension full of eye balls) and many other uncharted or possibly forbidden planets of theyre galaxy.

If the player manages to beat all of the 14 monsters, Axxel fights Vorga herself. If he wins, the witch is destroyed and Axxel escapes just before the ship explodes. Grid Runner Free Download PC Game.


The game begins with Axxel and Tara picking up a distress signal from a ship known as the «Miner», a desolate spacecraft floating in space,while inside they discover an object resembling a jax which are actually Probes, as Axxel investigates he is trapped within and the Probe is activated. from within Queen Vorga sends him towards his first level of the competition to the Planet Solaria where he fights Krosh,a slow and dimwitted Robot who is fairly easy as a starter boss. as each 3 rounds are won, he advances to the Planet Nimbus to challenge Minox a minotaur who rules the mountains and skies above,once defeated he is sent to the Desert Planet or Circe where he encounters Lethotep an alligator mixed with a frilled lizard.

Once beaten he is transported to the ocean surface of the planet Aquar IV and its guardian Krayken. things get hectic as his enemies apply pressure (depending on the gamer's gameplay) after three rounds he is sent to the slippery Ice world of Glacia where the mammoth named Kolo challenges him in testing how to take corners under slippery conditions and incredible mechanics of focus,Kolo now beaten Axxel heads towards the Planet Ash where the plant is lava filled and hellish under the control of Belok a demon literally from hell itself with cloven feet to match. Grid Runner for PC.

After dodging death he is sent to the Planet Hexol,a Hive like planet filled with swampy scenes,fog,and insect pods with Mantos the mantis queen faces off with her homing blasts (her younglings are her weapons) as the mantis queen is obliterated he has shown to be more stronger and can anticipate most environments even breathing underwater and in space without air,with his new powers he is sent to Aquar II under the ocean with ocean mines (possibly submarine pods) with a half fish creature named Bog to make the challenge more intense.


According to Virgin Interactive producer Stacy Hendrickson, the developer Radical Entertainment thought of Grid Runner as a «fun, original alternative two-player game» that would be neither a fighting or a sports title about a decade before the game was finally made, and that they also put «a lot of work on the AI» of single-player enemies. All of the game's cast of characters have been first sketched on paper, then turned into scupultures, before finally being rendered in 3D to limit the use of «work-intensive, expensive rendering workstations».[2]


The game's console versions received positive reviews, earning it an averaged GameRankings score 76.20% from six reviews of the PlayStation version[10] and 81% from four reviews of the Sega Saturn version.[11] The PC version has a lower GameRankings score of 68% from three reviews. Grid Runner Download Torrent.

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