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Official NameGrandia II
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Game Arts
Publisher (s)JP Game Arts
Composer (s)Noriyuki Iwadare
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)August 3, 2000
Genre (s)Role-playing
Mode (s)Single-player


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Grandia 2 Download Free Full Game (グランディアII Gurandia Tsū?) is a role-playing video game developed by Game Arts originally for the Dreamcast console as part of their Grandia series. Initially released in Japan in August 2000 by Game Arts, the game was later made available in English for North America the following December, and in Europe in February 2001, with both releases published by Ubisoft. The game was later ported to the Sony PlayStation 2, where it was released worldwide throughout 2002, and later for Microsoft Windows exclusively in North America and Europe later that year. An enhanced port, based upon the Dreamcast version, has also been announced for Microsoft Windows. The game was developed by many of the same staff members who worked on the original Grandia, including music composer Noriyuki Iwadare but was designed around the idea of creating a more «mature» product than the previous title, as well as the first in the series to feature fully three-dimensional graphics.

The game is set in a fantasy world thousands of years after a battle between Granas, the god of light, and Valmar, the god of darkness, nearly destroyed the planet until Valmar was split into pieces and scattered across the land. In the aftermath of the battle, the Church of Granas has led humanity to prosperity by spreading the word of good, but when a young mercenary named Ryudo is charged to protect a songstress from the church named Elena, their journey reveals that the church's history, as well as the history of the world, is not all it seems.

While the original Dreamcast version of the game received a largely positive response from critics in Japan and the West, its later ports to the PlayStation 2 and PC were typically seen as inferior due to a combination of technical shortcomings and other high-profile games released during the transition. Grandia 2 Free Download.


Grandia II sports a unique battle system. Apart from running its turn-based battle system in real time, similarly to the Final Fantasy series, the game supports limited movement during battle. Characters can run around or strike opponents and then retreat. Dependent on the timing, a playable character or enemy can «cancel» an opponent's move. The battle system uses Initiative Points, Magic Points, Hit Points and Special Points. A combo attack allows a character to land two hits on an enemy.

The hits can be increased with certain accessories, up to four hits per combo. A combo attack can also «counter» if it hits an enemy in an attack pose, dealing additional damage. Additionally, if the combo kills the intended target before reaching the final blow, the character will attack the closest enemy to complete the combo. Characters can use magic from equipped Mana Eggs.

Using magic consumes MP. More powerful magic takes longer to cast. Special moves and spells can be learned with Skills Coins and Magic Coins, and have a maximum level of 5. Spell efficiency is increased and casting time decreased as the level increases. Magic spells can cast instantly if a character has skills equipped giving a +100% bonus to the element of that particular spell. Special move sets are learned from Skill Books, then equipped onto characters. Skills can either boost stats or add additional effects, such as increased item drops or adding a cancel effect to certain spells.



«Grandia II» is full of an assortment of playable and non-playable characters that the player can interact with. Many towns are full of non-playable characters whom can be talked to and give insight into the town or events happening in the story. Grandia 2 Free Download PC Game.


Ryudo (リュード Ryūdo?): The main hero of the story. Ryudo is a Geohound, a mercenary. He is skilled with a sword and shows a sharp wit. He cares little of the events of the story at first, however, his attitude changes and he eventually wishes for a better world.

Elena (エレナ Erena?): The main heroine of the story. She is a Sister of the Church of Granas and a songstress. She joins Ryudo early on in the adventure and is typically naive of most things about the world. She wields strong healing and divine magic and uses a mace/staff as her weapon.

Millenia (ミレーニア Mirēnia?): A mysterious woman who meets Ryudo early on after she defeats him in battle. Revealed to the «Wings of Valmar», Millenia appears to be a rather blunt, hot-tempered woman who at first uses Ryudo to accomplish her goals, but eventually changes her mind. She uses a crossbow and absorbs pieces of Valmar to gain dark powers.

Roan (ロアン?): A youth that Ryudo meets in Agear town whom requests help finding his lost medal. He joins Ryudo briefly in his journey until it is revealed he is a prince. He is the prince of Cyrum kingdom, a kingdom which helped Valmar during the «Battle between Good and Evil». He eventually becomes the king after the death of his father. During the story, he rejoins Ryudo an accompanies him again. He uses daggers/knives as his weapon.

Mareg (マレッグ Mareggu?): A beastman who initially attacks Ryudo, mistaking him for someone else. He joins Ryudo in his journey. He helps Tio discover what it means to be alive. He is strong and uses an axe/spear as his weapon.

Tio (ティオ?): An Automata housed under Cyrum kingdom. She is awakened by Ryudos group and joins them, as she has no other function. She calls Mareg «Master», but eventually considers everyone a family. She uses chakrams as her weapon.


Valmar (ヴァルマー Vu~arumā?): The God of Darkness. Destroyed and broken apart into pieces and sealed away. The seals are being released and his revival is apparent.

Melfice (メルフィス Merufisu?): An evil swordsman whom Mareg is valiantly pursuing. His strength is unholy, and he has a connection to Ryudo.


Holy Pope Zera (ゼラ?): The pope of the Church of Granas and its leader. He sees the evil in the world and vows to defeat it at any cost. Any cost.

Selene (シレーネ Shirēne?): A priestess of the Church of Granas, she follows Zera's leadership without question. Her zealousness is unquestionable.

Skye (スカイ Sukai?): Ryudos trusty bird companion. Hes just as snarky and quick witted as Ryudo. But, much more mature and full of wisdom.

Granas (グラナス Guranasu?): The God of Light. Responsible for the destruction of Valmar and the sealing of his parts. Grandia 2 for PC.

Plot Synopsis

Ryudo is a Geohound, a mercenary, and is hired by the Church of Granas to escort Elena, a songstress of Granas, to Garmia tower for a ceremony. Upon arrival, Ryudo is asked to wait while they perform the ritual. However, Ryudo hears a scream and rushes up to the top floor. Seeing everyone dead and evil magic, Ryudo rescues Elena and heads back to Carbo village. Back in the village, Ryudo is chastised for his intervention before asked to escort Elena to St Heim Papal State to meet Pope Zera. Before he can say no, the village is attacked by a mysterious woman who engages and defeats Ryudo in battle.

The next morning, Ryudo accepts the job and him and Elena head out. In Agear town, the mysterious woman appears again, this time more friendly. She reveals she is Millenia, and along with Ryudo, assist the youngster Roan in retrieving his medal from some monsters. Millenia accidentally reveals herself as the Wings of Valmar and that she has possessed Elena, sharing her body as a separate being. The group, eventually joined by Roan and beastman Mareg, travel through several towns and encounter more pieces of Valmar, which after defeated Millenia absorbs.

The group finally arrives at St Heim Papal State. Elena meets with Pope Zera, whom asks the meet with Ryudo. The Pope asks if he will find the legendary Granasaber, a weapon wielded by the god of light Granas which was used to defeat Valmar. Ryudo reluctantly agrees, and the group head to Roans hometown of Cyrum Kingdom. Upon arrival the group sleep in the inn while Roan heads to his house. The next morning it is revealed that Roan is the prince, and that the people of Cyrum once assisted Valmar against Granas in the ancient war.

The group sneak into the castle and find underneath the gate broken and discover an ancient factory underneath the castle. They encounter the Claws of Valmar and Melfice. Melfice is revealed to be the brother of Ryudo and the man Mareg seeks. He kills the king and flees, telling Ryudo he'll see him at home. Roan is made king and decides to stay in Cyrum kingdom, to encourage its people that the past does not predict their future. Tio, the being possessed by the Claws and an Automata, joins the group after being rescued. Grandia 2 Download Torrent.

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