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Gex Enter the Gecko Full PC Game

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Official NameGex: Enter the Gecko
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Crystal Dynamics
Publisher (s)Midway Games, Game Boy Color, Crave Entertainment
Distributor (s)EU GT Interactive (N64)
Designer (s)Evan Wells, Glen A. Schofield, Jeffrey Zwelling
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)January 31, 1998
Genre (s)Platform
Mode (s)Single-player


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Gex Enter the Gecko Full PC Game Overview

Gex Enter the Gecko Download Free Full Game (known in Europe as Gex 3D: Enter the Gecko and in Japan as SpinTail) is a platform game released in 1998 for the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Microsoft Windows and the Game Boy Color. In 2011, it was added to the PlayStation Network. It is the sequel to the 1994 game Gex, and involves collecting three types of remotes to unlock different TVs in the hub world that lead to levels, and to aid in the fight once again against Rez. The eponymous gecko protagonist is voiced by Dana Gould in the American version, and Leslie Phillips in the British release.


Since his retirement from the public eye in 1996 after having been swamped with celebrity publicity following Rez's defeat in the first game, Gex has resigned himself to a life of solitude. For two years Gex started his day watching Kung-Fu Theater (Supermarket Sweep in the European release), eventually the days, then weeks started to feel like a telethon/chat show.

One day, Gex was watching his TV when it suddenly went blank. The screen then began to flash a familiar face, over and over again; the face was that of Rez. The next thing Gex knows, two government agents show up at his side, requesting Gex's help; Rez has again risen to power in the Media Dimension and the agents believed that Gex was crazy enough to go back in after him. Gex denies, saying he has already saved the universe once. One of the agents then hits Gex in the head using a wrecking bar, knocking him unconscious. Gex Enter the Gecko Free Download.

When Gex wakes up, he realizes he is in an interrogation room. The two agents ask him what he knows about Rez, Gex tells them everything. Once again they ask for his help, one of the agents reaches under the table, pulls out a briefcase and slides it over to Gex. Gex opens it and sees that it is full of cash, to cover his expenses. Just when Gex thinks it couldn't get any better, the other agent tosses him a secret agent suit and Gex agrees to help them. The two agents give him a map, and say they want Rez to «disappear», instructing him to hide the body between Jimmy Hoffa's and Spuds MacKenzie's.

As Gex leaves the building, a beautiful female agent walks up to him, and introduces herself as «Agent Xtra», she wishes him good luck and leaves. Gex then leaves to the Media Dimension.

Once Gex is in the Media Dimension, he navigates through several channels. Cartoon (Toon TV); horror (Scream TV); sci-fi (The Rocket Channel); futuristic (Circuit Central); Kung-Fu (Kung-Fu Theater); Pre-history (The Pre-History Channel); Rezopolis; and Channel Z. Once Gex navigates through Rezopolis and Channel Z, he fights the overlord again. By dropping a large TV on top of him, Gex defeats Rez. Rez once again transforms into a ball of energy, and is then trapped in the exact TV Gex dropped on him.

Rez tells Gex that he is his father, and Gex asks how that could be possible. Rez says that he did not always look like he does now, claiming he fell into a scrap heap while trying to get free cable. Regardless, Gex picks up the remote and is about to turn off the TV when Rez begs him not to, saying he will do anything. Gex then shuts off the TV and makes a snide remark: «Okay then, 'Dad'. Hows about we forget all this and go play catch [footy in the British version] in the yard?». It is not known whether Rez truly is Gex's father, possibly meaning a retcon, or whether this was merely a reference to Star Wars.

Gex is last seen in a hotel room with (in a cameo appearance) Nikki, from the Pandemonium video games (as she appeared in Pandemonium 2). Gex Enter the Gecko Free Download PC Game.


Gex in a cartoon level. The paws at the top represent his remaining health, and the carrots in front of him are collectables. When the player makes Gex stand on the green button across the water, they will finish the level.

Enter the Gecko is the first 3D Gex game. His main moveset involves a tail whip attack, bouncing on his tail, using his tongue to eat flies, and performing a flying karate kick. He can also climb up on certain surfaces, and use machines.

The game takes place in a large hub filled with several TV screens based on various genres, parodying various genres from Looney Tunes to Star Wars. Each level has about three remotes to collect, as well as an additional one for collecting 120 collectibles within the level. Collecting enough remotes unlock new areas, bonus levels and boss levels and collecting all remotes unlocks a special ending showing concept art for the game. Gex Enter the Gecko for PC.

The game uses a camera system unlike other PlayStation platforms such as Spyro the Dragon, but uses a similar system to Super Mario 64 where the player has 3 ways to set the camera control and adjust the view points instead of the camera being rotational.

Some enemies in the game can only be defeated by doing certain puzzles. Gex can also use object or machines to aid him in his quest. Gex constantly shouts out puns referencing popular culture from the late 1980s and 1990s when he dies, enters a level, attacks, beats an enemy, or collects items.

The Nintendo 64 version of Gex: Enter the Gecko was entitled Gex 64: Enter the Gecko. This version features a new level, which replaced the three secret levels. It is titled «Gecques Cousteau», a play on the French diver Jacques Cousteau, and is centered on the RMS Titanic, and played almost entirely underwater. Other changes include fewer bonus levels and fewer quotes, due to the Nintendo 64 cartridges storing significantly less data for games than CDs. Some of the sound effects were altered slightly. The only normal level that was removed was Scream TV's «Poltergex». The three secret levels that were removed were The Pre-History Channel's «Lava Daba Doo», Scream TV's «Texas Chainsaw Manicure», and Rezopolis' «Mazed and Confused». Two bonus levels titled «I Got the Reruns» and «Trouble in Uranus» were also removed. Gex Enter the Gecko Download Torrent.

Gex Enter the Gecko Free Download PC Game

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Gex Enter the Gecko Free Download PC Game

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