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Official NameGenesis Rising: The Universal Crusade
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Metamorf Studios
Publisher (s)DreamCatcher Interactive Inc.
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)March 20, 2007
Genre (s)RTS
Mode (s)Single-player, Multiplayer


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Genesis Rising The Universal Crusade Download Torrent Genesis Rising The Universal Crusade for PC Genesis Rising The Universal Crusade Free Download PC Game


Genesis Rising The Universal Crusade Full PC Game Overview

Genesis Rising The Universal Crusade Download Free Full Game is a 3D Real-time strategy game set in a distant future. The game was developed by Metamorf and published by DreamCatcher Interactive and was released on March 20, 2007. The game takes place in space, where players control ships and try to eliminate the opponent. The game's primary focus is on squad tactics, which can be compared to Savage: The Battle for Newerth.

The story is set in a mysterious futuristic universe where organic machines are built using genetic engineering. The player take on the role of Captain Iconah to explore and conquer the Universal Heart, the only part of the universe that's remained unconquered by the forces of humankind.[1]

What makes Genesis Rising different from other RTS games is its story and background. Every (or almost every) ship in the game is completely organic as opposed to the standard plastic-and-metal hulks familiar to fans of Star Trek, Firefly, Homeworld or the Halo series. Unlike many science fiction video games, humankind is the dominant species of the galaxy instead of being powerless to some Godlike alien race. However, mankind in the game has also become very arrogant, proclaiming themselves to be on a divinely inspired crusade to overtake the Universe.


Humanity was on the brink of annihilation from numerous alien factions, determined to rid the universe of the «human plague». Divided, the humans were hunted down one by one. Then one human known as the Hero united the scattered humans to make a stand. The aliens captured, tortured and eliminated this demigod but his death as a martyr only strengthened humanity's cause. Humans then reclaimed Earth and drove away the alien presence. The Hero was then renamed the Savior and was greatly honoured by his people. A new church also arose to guide humanity in this new age; the Church of the Savior. But it did not stop there. Leaving behind their values and principles, humans began their crusade to rule the universe.

Three thousand years later, mankind has carved a bloody path across the known Universe. Considering themselves a divine race and beyond reproach as a species, they view all alien races as inferior. Those that do not bow and acknowledge the infinite superiority of the human genome are subsequently punished or simply purged. Genesis Rising The Universal Crusade Free Download.

This dominion over almost all sentient life forms was only attainable through the creation and exploitation of the ‘organids’ — genetically designed organic technology, easily adaptable to any enemy strategy through the introduction of seeds into the blank genetic makeup of these living machines.

The overlording human governing body directing the initiative is the "Chair of Three” on which the representatives of three human factions reside: The Military, the Church and the Judicature.

Only one part of the Universe remains unconquered: The galaxy wherein lies the Universal Heart; an enigmatic entity that spawned all life and matter into the universe and sets time and space in motion with its first beat, is hidden. At least, that's what the Chair of Three believes.

As Captain Iconah you have been commissioned to uncover the location and purpose of the heart. A battle-hardened fleet commander and a brilliant genetic designer you must follow in your father’s footsteps, quelling the alien insurgences, outsmarting pirate cohorts and uncovering the lost galaxy and the secrets hidden within. Genesis Rising The Universal Crusade Free Download PC Game.


At the start of the game, Iconah is given the young Omnicruiser for his fifth birthday from his father even though it is illegal. They are then attacked by waste eaters (scavengers who harvest dead carcasses) but they fend them off.

Forty years later, Iconah is given a mission to seek out the Universal Heart in the Lifewave galaxy. The Church appoints Vicar Juno to accompany him. When they enter the Lifewave Galaxy, they discover mysterious stone altars filled with bloodair (the essence of the Heart) and an organid ship near them. They then meet the Cy-breed, a race of cyborg aliens. After a fierce battle, Iconah learns that the Cy-breed thought they were Defiance who are recruiting to fight an alien race whom they are at war with. The Cy-breed and Iconah fends off the Defience. Based on the player's choice, they fight at a trade system or the Cy-breed homeworld.

Choosing to seek out this Defiance, Iconah's fleet comes to a sector filled with aliens humanity conquered in the past and have developed a new gene (Breeder) designed to fight the organids. Iconah manages to steal the gene and escape to the Great Trade Nexus where merchant Fax Chance gave them the coordinates to a possible clue to the Heart. Arriving in another system filled with altars, Iconah sees that the Defiance are at civil war because its leader, Loodweeg plans to destroy the Lapis altars for unknown reasons. Fending off the Defiance and protecting two altars, Iconah gets a call from Loodweeg himself who explains that the Lapis depend on the altars to find their way across the galaxy.

Iconah follows the bloodair trail to a frozen system, inhabited by the Cold Whites, an all-female race. After defeating a group of pirates, Iconah contacts the Whites. In a movie clip, the organid shape former accidentally enlarges the image of Il, the Cold Whites' leader, to where her torso fills the entire bridge, They then shrank it down to proper size. Il directed Iconah to a system with Lapis altars and Cy-breed ships who were brought in for sacrifice to the Lapis. The humans demonstrated the power of the organids compared to the Lapis ships. After they destroy all Lapis ships, Judge Infinity arrives, towing along a Cathedral class-mothership. After talking, Iconah challenges Juno to take his fleet and destroy the Defiance. Based on what choices are made, either Juno goes alone or Infinity joins him. The player can ask for the assistance of the Cy-breed in this battle. Genesis Rising The Universal Crusade for PC.

Two years after Juno defeated the Defiance, the Lifewave Galaxy and the Cy-Breed Empire had sworn their fealty to the Human Empire. Juno was then planning on performing a church mass and had Iconah seek out the Cy-breed leader, Nell Exer, and the others, Il and Infinity. Once all the guests were present, the Lapis attack the sector. Nell and Il flee while the human fend for themselves. Retreating to Infinity's base, they succeed in stopping the Lapis from attacking them.

Iconah deduces that the ship Il gave them as a gift is filled with bloodair. Juno assigns Iconah to execute both Loodweeg and Il for this. After obtaining the severed heads of the fallen leaders, Iconah is then directed to the Cerebrals. The player has the choice of doing some tasks for the Cerebrals or get the information by force. Either way, the player has to battle the Cerebrals. Iconah's fleet then comes to rock city where he has to retrieve a Lapis altar in order to open a portal. After defending the altar from the Lapis, Iconah's fleet goes through.

By some joke, Iconah comes back to the day of his fifth birthday in his child form. His father explains they have to repeat everything again. After destroying two waves of organic ships, Iconah then enters another portal. There, he finds the rest of his fleet who he manages to convince he is real. Defeating the three gate guardians, the fleet escapes the time zone created by the Heart. Iconah is then reunited with Juno who had spent 50 years in the distant past, planning on eliminating all aliens before they can attack Earth in the future. Iconah attacks the Juno but he escapes. He then makes contact with the Lapis. He goes to the Lapis homeworld and makes an alliance with the Lapis. The Lapis and Iconah defeat the Inquisition. He stops the mad vicer and restores the time line. Genesis Rising The Universal Crusade Download Torrent.

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