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Official NameFrogger (1997 video game)
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)SCE Studio Cambridge
Publisher (s)Hasbro Interactive
Producer (s)Chris Down, Andrei Nadin
Designer (s)Thomas Dusenberry, David Walls
Programmer (s)William Bell, Martin Hamilton Kift
Artist (s)Marcus Broome, Leavon Archer
Composer (s)Andrew Barnabas, Paul Arnold
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)September 30, 1997
Genre (s)Arcade, Action
Mode (s)Single player, multiplayer


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Frogger Full PC Game Overview

Frogger Download Free Full Game (though branded and commonly referred to as Frogger: He's Back!) is a video game remake of the classic 1981 arcade game of the same name. It was developed by SCE Cambridge Studio and published by Hasbro Interactive in November 1997. The game is an expansion of the original arcade game, sporting levels with large maps, an updated set of graphics rendered in 3D, and additional gameplay moves. Critical reaction was mixed, with frequent criticism towards the gameplay, controls, and difficulty; while the graphics were received positively. Despite the mixed reception from critics, it was a commercial success, with the PlayStation version going on to become one of the best-selling titles for the console.

Frogger was followed by Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge, which builds on the gameplay elements found in this game. This was the last game to have the K-A rating.


Like the original game, the player's objective is to explore the map for five small colored frogs: green, orange, purple, blue, and red. However, unlike the original game the maps are more complex, rather than recycling the same basic layout each time. Each frog must be collected within a certain amount of time or the player will lose a life, and on top of this there are various obstacles, traps, and enemies which must be avoided and usually are unique to a certain zone. Hazards range from animals like snakes, spiders, dogs, to vehicles like cars and lawn mowers, to level hazards like cacti and lava. There is also a gold frog hidden in one level in each zone; the player will unlock a new zone for each gold frog that is found. Finding every gold frog in the game will unlock an alternate ending sequence. There are a total of 33 levels spread out through 9 different zones, with the first zone including five levels (and a multiplayer level) based on the original arcade version of the game. Frogger Free Download.

The player begins with five lives (three on the PlayStation version). If a player dies, they return to the starting point of the level. Frogger's new abilities include being able to eat flies of various types, croak, and jump upwards onto ledges to take advantage of the 3D perspective. Flies and croaking tend to add to the player's score, though select insects allow Frogger to speed up, lengthen his tongue, or earn an extra life.

Zones and Levels in Frogger

Frogger has 38 total levels, with 33 of those being single-player levels. The rest are multiplayer levels, shown in bold text. Despite Frogger having 33 levels, there are only 23 unique layouts. This is due to some levels being recycled. When maps are recycled, the second appearance on this list is in italics. Recycled levels usually have similar names for both their appearances. (NOTE: No zone names are displayed in-game and are thus conjectural. Descriptions of the zone icons are in parentheses next to the zone names.) Frogger Free Download PC Game.

Retro Zone

  • Retro Level 1
  • Retro Level 2
  • Retro Level 3
  • Retro Level 4
  • Retro Level 5
  • Retro Racers

Lily Pad Zone

  • Lily Islands
  • Bow Wow Falls
  • Mower Mania
  • Spinning Lilies
  • Bow Wow Revenge
  • Traffic Turmoil

Leaf Zone

  • Honey Bee Hollow
  • Canopy Capers
  • Swarming Frogs

Machinery Zone

  • Scorching Switches
  • Platform Madness
  • Lava Crush
  • Mechanical Mayhem

Cave Zone

  • Dark Dark Cavern
  • Frogger Goes Skiing
  • Webs Cavern

Cloud Zone

  • Looney Balloons
  • Time Flies
  • Loonier Balloons
  • Airshow Antics

Sewer Zone

  • Bang Bang Barrel
  • Slime Sliding
  • Uncanny Crusher
  • Boom Boom Barrel
  • Reservoir Frogs

Cactus Zone

  • Cactus Point
  • Boulder Alley
  • Tumbling Valley
  • Crumbled Point
  • Big Boulder Alley

Tropical Zone

  • Tropical Trouble
  • Jungle Rumble

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