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Official NameFreedom Planet
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Developer (s)GalaxyTrail
Publisher (s)GalaxyTrail
Composer (s)Leila Wilson
Release date (s)2014
Genre (s)Platform, action
Mode (s)Single-player



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Freedom Planet Full PC Game Overview

Freedom Planet Download Free Full Game is a two-dimensional platform video game created by independent developer GalaxyTrail, a studio set up for the project by designer Stephen DiDuro. The player controls one of three anthropomorphic animal protagonists: the dragon Lilac, the wildcat Carol, or the basset hound Milla. Aided by the duck-like Torque, the player attempts to defeat the evil Lord Brevon, who plans to conquer the galaxy. While the game focuses on fast-paced platforming, its levels are interspersed with slower action scenes.

Freedom Planet began development as a Sonic the Hedgehog fangame, but DiDuro lost interest in creating a derivative work and reconceived the project as his own intellectual property. He visited the website DeviantArt to recruit artist Ziyo Ling, who replaced the existing cast of characters with her own. Lilac, originally Sonic the Hedgehog, became a dragon; antagonist Doctor Eggman was replaced by Brevon; and the Sonic series' ring-based health system was abandoned. Further changes were suggested by fans and incorporated throughout development. Freedom Planet was developed in Denmark and the United States and its art direction has East Asian influences: its background visuals were inspired by medieval Chinese art, and the game's title is written in katakana. Freedom Planet Free Download.

The game was released for Microsoft Windows, first as a demo in August 2012, then—after a successful Kickstarter campaign and a few delays—as a full game via Steam on July 21, 2014. A version for the Wii U console was announced in March 2015, but was postponed that August due to a troublesome glitch; however, the game was finally released successfully on October 1, 2015. Freedom Planet has been widely compared to the Sega Genesis Sonic games. Critics praised its gameplay, aesthetics, and balance of Sonic elements with original content, but were more mixed on its pacing and length.


Freedom Planet is a 2D platform and action game featuring anthropomorphized animal characters and 16-bit style graphics mimicking the look of games released for the Sega Genesis, particularly the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The game puts players in the role of one of the available playable characters as they traverse each level, fighting through enemies and obstacles before facing a boss at the end. Players have a health meter, which can be replenished by collecting red leaves, and a regenerative energy meter used to perform each character's unique special moves. Players can earn extra lives by collecting enough blue crystals found throughout the level, or by rescuing creatures trapped in cages. Players can also obtain various types of shields, some of which often bonus attributes such as invulnerabilty to fire or the ability to breathe underwater, and invincibility power-ups. Also hidden through the levels are cards, which unlock bonus content such as music and concept art, and bonus tokens which allows access to a bonus game at the end of the level.

The game currently has three playable characters; Lilac the dragon, Carol the wildcat, and Milla the dog. In addition to melee attacks that can be used to attack enemies, each character has a unique array of moves which allow them to traverse the environment in different ways. Lilac can perform a double-jump attack and can launch herself into an air dash, allowing her to bounce off walls and reach high areas. Carol is able to curl into a spin-attack while running and can climb up walls. By picking up gas canisters, Carol can bring out her motorcycle, which can double-jump and ride up vertical walls. Milla can throw gelatinous cubes and put up an offensive shield, combining the two to perform a Shield Blast, and flap her ears to reach high areas. Players can play through the main game in one of two ways; Adventure, which tells the game's story through the perspective of a chosen character, and Classic, in which the levels are played in order without any story cutscenes. They can also select Time Attack to try and play through completed levels in the quickest time possible. At launch, only Lilac and Carol are playable in Adventure mode, but additional playable characters and Adventure campaigns will be released through downloadable content. These include Torque, who can fire a blaster in multiple directions, and Spade, who attacks using playing cards. Freedom Planet Free Download PC Game.

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