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Official NameFault Milestone One
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Alice in Dissonance
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)2013
Genre (s)Visual novel



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Fault Milestone One Full PC Game Overview

Fault Milestone One Download Free Full Game is a visual novel video game developed and published by Alice in Dissonance for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux in 2013 in Japan. A «director's cut» version, available in both English and Japanese, was published in 2014 by Sekai Project. A PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita version is also planned. The game is the first entry in the Fault series, and is followed by the sequel Fault Milestone Two and the prequel Fault: Silence the Pedant. The game is linear and only features little player interaction. It follows the bodyguard Ritona, who uses magic to escape the kingdom of Rughzenhaide together with princess Selphine when it gets attacked by mercenaries; the two find themselves in the Outer-Pole, a distant land where science has advanced and only little magic exists.

The game was directed and written by Munisix, with art direction by Hare Konatsu. The story was initially based on a pitch for a role-playing game delivered to Munisix; being underwhelmed with it, he reworked it until it according to him no longer resembled the original idea. When Alice in Dissonance were approached by Sekai Project about a localization, they wanted to add some polish first; they financed the localization and updated art, as well as a PlayStation Vita port, through a crowdfunding campaign in 2014. The game was a commercial success, and received reviews ranging from critical to positive. Fault Milestone One Free Download.


Structure, characters and setting

Fault Milestone One is a linear visual novel with no player interaction aside from one player decision early in the game that affects some dialogue; the game focuses on telling a story, with the player being an observer. The player has access to an in-game encyclopedia detailing concepts seen in the game. The game is set in a world where magic – «manakravte» – exists and is used in almost every aspect of life; in the distant land called the Outer-Pole, where there only exists little magic, there have instead been advances in science and medicine. The story follows the magic-user Ritona, the royal bodyguard for princess Selphine of the kingdom of Rughzenhaide. Among other characters are Rune, a girl from the Outer-Pole, and her brother Rudo, the head of a major organization.


Fault Milestone One was developed by Alice in Dissonance as the first work under Project Written, the name of their operations. It was directed and written by Munisix, with art direction by Hare Konatsu. The «Milestone» in the title comes from how Alice in Dissonance wanted to do something different from the commonly-used word «Episode»; as the story is about a journey, they found «Milestone» thematically fitting. While Munisix is a native speaker of English, he chose to write the game in Japanese; he said that the reason for this was that he had had more exposure to the visual novel medium in Japanese than in English, saying that he would have used English if he were to write a movie script. According to him, the writing is the aspect that takes the most time during the production, with a lot of time spent on coming up with ideas and turning them into «something consistent». Describing himself as a disorganized person, he has said that they have had to delete whole segments due to him overlooking some aspect of the game's world. Fault Milestone One Free Download PC Game.

The game's story originally began as a pitch for a role-playing game that was delivered to Munisix at some point in the 2000s; it included the premise of a princess defeating an enemy that had devastated her homeland, as well as character names and personalities, and asked Munisix to write a story. Munisix found the pitch underwhelming, but still worked on it, attempting to make it more interesting; while he was working on it, the person who had delivered the pitch stopped contacting him. Not wanting to abandon the work he had put into the project, Munisix kept working on it: he made several changes, to the point where it according to him no longer resembled the original pitch. Among these were additions to the game world and cast, including the creation of Ritona and the Outer- and Inner-Poles, the concept of pathdown, and a motivation for the game's antagonist; he also changed the structure of the story so that it could work as a manga or as «a better game than it was intended to be».

Munisix wrote the main characters to be "strong female characters that can more than adequately do what shounens [sic] do in shounen mangas [sic]", intending for both male and female players to be able to look up to them. He did not consider the characters' sexual or affectionate attractiveness to be a primary goal, and intended for them to be «gritty and cool» rather than «cute and lovely». He based Rune's condition on a real personality disorder: psychopathy. He aimed to give each part of the game world its own feeling: Rughzenhaide and the Alliance were made similar to the Age of Enlightenment, but with an «IT revolution that didn't require computers». According to Munisix, the names of characters and locations came about naturally, with no time spent on any naming scheme. He tried to write slice of life scenes for the game, but felt that they were not compelling or convincing; he said that the tense situations the main characters are in throughout the story leave little room for levity, as they need to get home alive and constantly have to consider potential dangers.

For character design, Munisix initially gave Konatsu specifications of what each character would look like; as they kept working on the Fault series, they «found a rhythm», with Konatsu designing the characters according to their personality and function. They go through multiple prototypes, with some designs turning into other characters, and some clothes being reused on other characters. Due to misunderstandings, Hare initially designed Rune as a male character. Munisix had imagined Rune as looking «girly», wearing a skirt and having long, black hair; when Hare redid the design, however, elements of the original male design remained, and Rune was given pigtails and pants. Looking back at it, Munisix said that he was glad that they had used Hare's idea rather than his. Some locations that did not exist in the original draft, such as the Zhevitz family manor, were added to the story late during the game's production, when Alice in Dissonance was low on money; because of this, they had to resort to using stock background images. Fault Milestone One for PC.

Release and localization

The game was originally released in Japan on August 12, 2013. The Western video game publisher Sekai Project found out about it while looking for new groups in the Japanese video game market by reading Japanese news sites focusing on doujin games, and found Fault Milestone One to stand out from the rest. They contacted Alice in Dissonance and organized a meeting in Tokyo, where they discussed the licenses that would be needed to publish the game in the West; the only one required was for the music. As Alice in Dissonance felt that the game required some more polish before getting an international release, they decided to finance development of improved character sprites, new cutscenes and an English translation through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

Sekai Project launched the campaign in June 2014, with the goal to raise $5,000 by July 18; by the end of the campaign, they had managed to raise $34,662, allowing for the production of Android and PlayStation Vita ports, an artbook, and the prequel game Fault: Silence the Pedant. Originally, Munisix had planned to handle the localization himself, but due to the success of the crowdfunding campaign he was instead able to focus on developing the sequel Fault Milestone Two. By December 1, 2014, the English translation was finished, with Sekai Project working on finishing the production. The director's cut version was released in Japan on August 17, 2014, and internationally in both English and Japanese on December 15, 2014.

While Sekai Project had initially begun work on porting the game to the Unity game engine themselves in order to release the game on the PlayStation Vita, they announced in February 2016 that they had instead decided to contract an outside company to do the PlayStation Vita port. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016, it was announced that the game would also be ported to the PlayStation 4; both console ports are handled by Mighty Rabbit Studios. The console versions will also get a limited physical release, done in a partnership between Sekai Project and Limited Run Games, a subsidiary of Mighty Rabbit Studios. New art is being created for the PlayStation Vita release, to replace the stock background images used in the original release. Fault Milestone One Download Torrent.

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