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Official NameEscape Velocity Nova
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Ambrosia Software and ATMOS
Publisher (s)Ambrosia Software
Designer (s)Matt Burch
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)March 18, 2002
Genre (s)Space adventure / role-playing video game
Mode (s)Single player


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Escape Velocity Nova Full PC Game Overview

Escape Velocity Nova Download Free Full Game (a.k.a. EV Nova or EVN) is a video game by Ambrosia Software, in collaboration with ATMOS. It is the third game in the Escape Velocity series of space trading & combat games.

History and development

Nova began as a plug-in for Escape Velocity Override in July 1998.[1] Two years later, ATMOS was brought in to convert the plug-in to a full game which was available for beta-testing on July 15, 2001.[1] It was fully released on March 18, 2002.[1]


Nova takes place around star systems in the Milky Way, many of which have planets or space stations that the player can land on. Each star system is either controlled by a faction and has an evaluation of the player's crimes or contributions to that star system and its faction, or is uninhabited and controlled by no one. The player's ship usually travels between star systems by «hyperjumping» by fixed (and to the user, instantaneous) paths to surrounding systems. The player can also use rare wormholes which transport the player's ship to a fairly random star system, or can use a «hypergate» system to move between certain systems after the Sigma Shipyard mission string has been completed. Escape Velocity Nova Free Download.

In space, which in the game is limited to two dimensions, the player controls his spaceship to land on planets, jump into another star system, or engage in combat and board ships. The player can also communicate with other ships, obtaining information about supply and demand of commodities on different planets, and can also get missions in this way.

On inhabited planets, the player can refuel his ship, find and accept missions, trade commodities, buy ships or ship upgrades, and hire escorts. Each planet, «spaceport bar,» and ship or ship upgrade has associated images and descriptions.

Main goals

The player starts as a freelance space pilot in a shuttlecraft, out to make a penny in the vast and unforgiving galaxy. There are many ways to play Nova; for example, a starting player seeking funds can become a trader or courier, delivering cargo between worlds; become a pirate or bounty hunter, attacking and disabling ships to steal their money, cargo, or the ships themselves; become involved in one of the main storylines; or even conquer the galaxy by subjugating worlds. Escape Velocity Nova Free Download PC Game.

Missions, storylines and plot

The game has six major storylines that the player can participate in, one for each of the major factions: Federation, Rebellion, Auroran, Polaris, Vell-os, and Pirate.

These storylines are the bulk of the game. Each storyline is a long and involved set of plot-filled missions which are like «playing» a short story written in second person. Each story-line forces pilots to align themselves with a particular faction, restricting a player's freedom but giving him access to more powerful ships and technology. A single story-line can take anywhere from an hour to several days to play to completion, depending on the player's level of experience and preferred pace. There also exist a few shorter minor stories and missions, which are difficult to find but have great rewards, such as the ability to use the old hypergate system.

Some major and minor storylines branch into others so that, for example, a player in the midst of the Federation story-line can, along the way, choose to join the Rebellion instead. Nova has only a small fraction of the freelance missions that were common in the previous games in the Escape Velocity series.

In the standard game, only a single major storyline can be played per pilot, as opposed to previous games in the Escape Velocity series where one could play most all missions as one pilot while gathering ever more powerful ships and weapons.

There are two minor storylines however, both of which help the player into the major storylines. These include the Bounty Hunter and Wild Geese storylines. The Bounty Hunter storyline can lead to either the Federation, Rebellion, or Auroran storylines. The Wild Geese storyline can lead to either the Auroran or Pirate storyline.

Ships and technology

Starting with a simple shuttlecraft, the player obtains new ships, weapons, and other technology, such as cloaking devices, beam weapons, and fighter bays, by purchase or as the result of completing certain missions. Throughout the course of the game, the player can choose to pilot bigger and better ships — ultimately leading to powerful capital ships with alien technology — that can also carry more cargo, and can also obtain controllable escort ships.

Extensibility (plug-ins)

Like the other games in the Escape Velocity series, Nova allows registered users to create their own plug-ins which can be used to slightly or drastically change stories and technology, or even completely replace the universe. There is a large community at the official Ambrosia forums where players can trade tips, get help, and swap favorite plugins and pilots. Escape Velocity Nova Download Torrent.

Of particular note are two official plug-ins available to registered users which replace Nova 's scenario with those of the first two games, allowing the original Escape Velocity and its sequel Escape Velocity Override to be played natively on both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

Escape Velocity Nova Free Download PC Game

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