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Official NameElemental: War of Magic
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Stardock
Publisher (s)Stardock
Producer (s)Scott Tykoski
Designer (s)Brad Wardell
Artist (s)Paul Boyer, Jeu Li, Kay Fedewa
Writer (s)David Stern, Brad Wardell
Composer (s)Mason Fisher
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)August 24, 2010
Genre (s)4X, Turn-based strategy
Mode (s)Single-player


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Elemental War of Magic Full PC Game Overview

Elemental War of Magic Download Free Full Game is a fantasy 4X turn-based strategy game developed and published by Stardock, released August 24, 2010.[3]

Stardock calls Elemental "a strategy game in an RPG world.[4]" The game revolves around exploration, city-building, resource management and conquest, but also incorporates quests and detailed unit design.

Stardock has released two further turn-based strategy games set in the world of Elemental: Elemental: Fallen Enchantress, in October, 2012, and Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes, in May 2013. Following the release of Fallen Enchantress, Stardock discontinued Elemental: War of Magic and no longer sells the game.


The game is set in a world once filled with magic, which comes to form the basis of human civilization.[6] Immortal beings known as the Titans were attracted to the world by construction of the reality-warping Forge of the Overlord, an artifact able to create magical items. Elemental War of Magic Free Download.

While engaged in civil war, the Titans imprison the world's magic in a number of elemental shards. At first, only they could use the magic within the shards. In time, human channelers arose to challenge the Titans.[6]

Ensuing battles lead to the destruction of the Forge, and ultimately the land itself. A century later, the player leads a faction of humans or Fallen (corrupted life-forms created by the Titans[8]) in a still-devastated world, able to renew it with magic – or pervert it to their will.[7][9] Human kingdoms sometimes band together against the empires of the Fallen, but each faction strives for ultimate dominance.[6]


Elemental has a single-player campaign,[10] minimal support for multiplayer, no local play (LAN) (despite being advertised), and nonlinear «sandbox» gameplay. Outside the campaign, players win by conquering or allying with other factions, or rebuilding the Forge.[11] Forge pieces may be quested for, or created by learning and casting the Spell of Making, requiring control of all elemental shards.[12]

Players control a pre-built or custom sovereign and belong to a faction; each has characteristics affecting gameplay.[13] Influence over land and resources is gained by founding cities, introducing the ability to train characters and research spells and technologies.[14] Cities can be improved to provide additional space or generate money, resources or prestige (a factor in population growth). Elemental War of Magic Free Download PC Game.

Elemental incorporates many features of role-playing video games. Each character in the game is individually named and outfitted through a character editor,[14] with statistics increasing with experience.[7] Units may be combined into armies to fight more dangerous or numerous opponents.[13] Combat takes place on a separate tactical map, although battles may normally be auto-resolved.[7]

Quests and useful items are scattered randomly across the land,[13] as are wandering monsters and neutral characters; the latter may be hired with gildar, the game's currency.[7] Both may be fought for experience and treasure, although attacking civilians decreases the sovereign's reputation.[citation needed] The number of quests available increases over time as adventuring technologies are unlocked.[15]

Players may negotiate with each other to exchange money, material goods, or diplomatic capital (but not technology[16]), and to enter into treaties and alliances;[7] however, the ability to do so must first be researched. Factors affecting negotiation include race, relative military strength, current relations, trade routes, treaties, character, traits, and family connections.[16]

Gameplay varies depending on the chosen faction. Human kingdoms tend to focus on government and civilization, while the empires of the Fallen are more about individual units.[17]

Executive producer Scott Tykoski compared the game to Viva Piñata, but substituting "shovels and creatures filled with candy for swords and creatures filled with dark magic.[18]" Designer Brad Wardell said that players should expect to reach «a Sauron or Morgoth level of power» by the end of the game.[19]


Before the game was released the developers were talking about a 16-way multiplayer.[14] It wasn't until version Version 1.08b 09/16/2010 that multiplayer was enabled, however at first it was enabled as a beta for the consumers to test.[20] As of version 1.4 the multiplayer still only supported small maps, which is not enough for 16 players.


Magic resides in crystal shards named after the elements; earth, air, fire, and water.[6] Spells (which must be researched before use) belong to a number of thematic spellbooks, some of which are unavailable at the start of the game. Players may learn individual spells at their current level, or devote their research to unlocking higher spell levels. While magic-users may cast researched spells from any spellbook possessed by their faction, controlling shards greatly amplifies the potency of spells which use the relevant elements.[11]

Sovereigns start with a certain amount of magical essence, determining how much mana they have, and so how many spells they may cast.[11] They may imbue essence into champions, granting limited power at the cost of their own abilities.[21] Essence may also be expended by sovereigns to escape death and return to a nearby settlement.[13] Marriages involving magic-using characters may result in children with magical skills of their own.[11]


Research is based on reclaiming lost technologies from libraries scattered around the world.[16] Players may direct research to one of five categories; humans and Fallen have separate technology trees.[22]

The chance of gaining a particular technology varies – some are not even offered until a breakthrough is made[23] – so the technology gained may only be picked once the research is complete. The cost of research within a category increases as technologies are researched, making the order of research important.[16]

Artificial intelligence

Players face up to nine computer-controlled factions, neutral cities, bandits and monsters. Neutral cities may be conquered by players or destroyed by bandits and monsters.[16]

The artificial intelligence has two modes of operation: basic and advanced. Basic algorithms are not CPU-intensive, but are not as good as the advanced ones.[24] The chance of using advanced algorithms for a decision – the intelligence factor – varies between difficulty levels. At «challenging», this factor reaches 100%.[24] Some low difficulty levels prohibit the AI from using combat magic, and penalize their economy, hit points and/or starting funds. At higher levels, the AI acquires bonuses; the highest permits the AI to see through the fog of war. Elemental War of Magic Download Torrent.

Elemental War of Magic Free Download PC Game

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