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Official NameDust: An Elysian Tail
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)2013
Developer (s)Humble Hearts
Publisher (s)Microsoft Studios
Distributor (s)Humble Hearts
Designer (s)Dean Dodrill
Writer (s)Dean Dodrill
Composer (s)HyperDuck SoundWorks
Genre (s)Action role-playing, beat 'em up, Metroidvania
Mode (s)Single-player



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Dust An Elysian Tail Full PC Game Overview

Dust An Elysian Tail Download Free Full Game is an action role-playing video game developed by independent designer Dean Dodrill, published by Microsoft Studios. It was released on the Xbox Live Arcade on August 15, 2012, and it was subsequently released for Microsoft Windows on Steam on May 24, 2013, and on GOG.com on November 7, 2013, without Microsoft involvement. It was released for Linux and OS X on December 19, 2013. On May 1, 2014, it was made available for free through Microsoft's Games With Gold games promotion. The game was released on PlayStation 4 on October 7, 2014 in North America and October 8, 2014 in Europe. The game was released for iOS on October 8, 2015.

Dust takes place in a world populated by anthropomorphic creatures, where the main character Dust comes upon a sentient sword Blade of Ahrah and its guardian Fidget. Without memories of his past, Dust follows Fidget's advice and aids the population of the world against forces led by General Gaius. The game is a action-adventure game with Metroidvania-style exploration, requiring the player to gain power-ups to Dust's abilities to reach new areas. Combat is based on brawler-like mechanics, where Dust can use a combination of swordplay and magic from Fidget to defeat enemies. Dodrill compiled nearly all of the game's programming and assets himself, relying only on external help for voice acting, narrative, and the game's soundtrack. Dust An Elysian Tail Free Download.

Dust received generally positive reviews praising the game particularly for its art style. The game has sold more than a million copies as of March 2014.


Dust takes place in the fictional world of Falana, inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. Gameplay is presented on a 2D side-scrolling plane. The player controls the titular main character, Dust (Lucien Dodge), as he tries to remember his past. Dust wields a sentient sword, the Blade of Ahrah (Edward Bosco), as his main weapon. Fidget (Kimlinh Tran), the sword's guardian, acts as a companion for Dust and can use magical attacks. As the player travels the world, they can acquire power-ups that permanently alter gameplay, such as the ability to double jump or climb to previously unreachable areas. Incorporating elements of role-playing games, Dust can gain experience points by defeating enemies, and in turn may level up. These can be used to raise various attributes, such as health, strength, defense or magic. Non-playable characters can be interacted with throughout the game's world to sell items or receive quests. The developer, who is half Korean, incorporated various Korean elements in the game design, including the logo and various food items.


The game begins with Dust awakening in a forest meadow, approached by a floating, sentient sword known as the Blade of Ahrah. Dust is joined by Fidget, a small flying creature called a Nimbat, who just so happens to be the sword's guardian, and sets out for a small town in search of answers.

Upon arriving in Aurora, the group find the town overrun with monsters. The mayor of the town asks Dust for his help, and he tracks down the leader of the enemies, Fuse. Just before he dies, Fuse reveals himself to be a Moonblood, creatures who are victims of a genocide perpetrated by a man known as General Gaius. Fuse also tells Dust that he played a role in the war at some point. Mayor Bram instructs Dust to speak to a woman in Aurora named Ginger, who may have more knowledge of the Moonbloods. She is revealed to be part of a group of Moonblood sympathizers, a group that was recently found and killed by General Gaius's soldiers. Dust An Elysian Tail Free Download PC Game.

After travelling into the northern mountains, Dust and Fidget come across an abandoned village, where Ginger and the leader of the Moonbloods, Elder Gray Eyes, are waiting. Gray Eyes reveals that Dust was created by the Moonbloods from two people who perished at the same time: Jin (Ginger's brother) and Cassius (an assassin employed by Gaius). These two were exact opposites; Cassius was purely evil but of great skill with the sword, and Jin was completely innocent and good but incapable of defeating Gaius. Their combination together became the Moonblood's «Sen-Mithrarin».

The group then heads to the Moonblood base in a volcanic region to the north named Everdawn Basin, where Dust assists the Moonbloods in fighting back Gaius's troops. Reaching the peak of the volcano, Dust fights General Gaius in a lengthy battle. Eventually, Gaius hangs from an outcrop over a pool of lava, where he tells Dust that Cassius is no longer part of him, then throws himself into the lava. Fidget tries to get the exhausted Dust back up, but he refuses, and is consumed by the volcano.

After the battle, Elder Gray Eyes gives a speech to the remaining Moonbloods, telling them that because of Dust's sacrifice, they can now rebuild and live at peace with the rest of the world. During his dialogue, Ginger and Fidget witness a dust cloud, along with the Blade of Ahrah rising out of the volcano and flying off, suggesting Dust may still be alive, and chase after it in hopes of finding him.


Aside from voice acting, soundtrack, and parts of the story, Dust was designed and programmed entirely by Dodrill. A self-taught illustrator and animator, he had previously done artwork and cinematics on Epic Games' Jazz Jackrabbit 2, and was in the process of creating an independent animated film, Elysian Tail. He assumed it would take three months to complete the game; it actually took over three-and-a-half years. He originally envisioned the game as an 8-bit-style platformer, similar to earlier entries in the Castlevania series. Inspirations for the final game came from such titles as Metroid, Golden Axe, and Ys I & II, which Dodrill cites as his favorite games.

The game was originally targeted for the Xbox 360 Indie Games channel, but upon winning the 2009 Microsoft Dream.Build.Play Challenge, it was awarded a contract for an Xbox Live Arcade release. Dust: An Elysian Tail was originally expected to be released in late 2011, but was later delayed until summer 2012. A version for the PlayStation 4, with 1080p support, was released on October 7, 2014. Dust An Elysian Tail for PC.

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