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Official NameDrowned God
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Epic Multimedia Group
Publisher (s)Inscape
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)October 31, 1996
Genre (s)Adventure
Mode (s)Single player


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Drowned God Download Free Full Game Conspiracy of the Ages is a 1996 science fiction adventure game developed by Epic Multimedia Group and published by Inscape. The game propounds the conspiracy theory that all of human history is a lie and the human race's development and evolution were aided by extra-terrestrials. The player attempts to uncover the truth through the course of the game by traveling to a variety of different worlds, interacting with historical and fictional characters, and solving puzzles.

Drowned God is based on a forged manuscript written by Harry Horse in 1983. After facing legal trouble and fines when he attempted to sell the text, Horse shelved it until playing Myst and 7th Guest in the mid-1990s, whereupon he decided a first person adventure game would be the best way to tell the manuscript's story. Drowned God Free Download.

Producer Algy Williams hired a team of multimedia artists and programmers to help Horse develop Drowned God. Upon its release, the game sold well, but quickly faded in popularity due to bugs and a lack of patches. Drowned God  's concept and visuals were widely praised, while its gameplay, audio, and puzzles received more varied responses. A planned sequel never came to fruition.



Drowned God's concept centers around the idea that human history has been manipulated to cover up certain facts. The true history, according to the game, is that aliens from the Orion area of space seeded humanity on Earth thousands of years ago and have since guided its development. An ancient, highly developed civilization was lost millennia ago in the Great Flood. The library of Alexandria housed much of what game writer Harry Horse called «forbidden knowledge» before it was destroyed. The Knights Templar, whose membership included luminaries such as Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton, preserved the information for centuries. In the 20th century, the Philadelphia Experiment opened a gateway into another dimension, first freeing the aliens Horse refers to as «the Legion». An independent government group spent the subsequent decades in contact with the aliens following the Roswell UFO incident. Drowned God Free Download PC Game.


The game's plot begins in a chamber containing the Bequest Globe, a device which the player has recently inherited. The Globe is a giant brass cylinder full of gears, fronted by a clock face made of sliding and rotating plates comprising twenty-two Roman numerals, which represent the Major Arcana, with the Jewish Kabbalah in its center. A voice welcomes the player and tells them the Globe is a gift, then explains that the player must unlock the secret of the drowned god.

The player initially must enter their name into the device, which then displays a series of past lives the player has lived. The name is converted into its numerological equivalent. Above and below the central chamber are two other areas, called Kether and Malchut, respectively, each of which houses a display screen with a mask-like face that provides the player with information about the next task. The motivations of the two organizations represented by the faces are murky, although it becomes clear they are acting in opposition to each other. Both masks refer to the player by their assigned number. Drowned God Download Torrent.

The player must enter four different worlds through the Bequest Globe, each of which is an amalgamation of historical and fantastical elements and named after one of the sephirot on the kabbalistic Tree of Life. The player seeks to recover four lost artifacts: the Rod of Osiris, the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone, and the Ark of the Covenant. According to Horse, «The relics you're searching for are not what you think they are». The first world, Binah, includes aspects of Arthurian legend, including Morgan Le Fey and the Knights Templar, as well as Stonehenge. The second, Chesed, features Aztec ruins and a submarine interior. The third, Din, centers around an underground transit system, a steampunk carnival, and a mechanical maze. The final world, Chokmah, takes place outside Area 51.

Throughout the game, the player finds and uses Tarot cards to unlock new areas and gain more information about the true history of the world. Upon returning to the Bequest Globe between worlds, the player sees the Roman numerals in its display light up in relation to the cards that have been recovered. After recovering three of the lost artifacts, the player fails to recover the last one, the Ark of the Covenant, which takes the form of a nuclear warhead. The player is able to choose one of three endings, depending on whether they decide to enter a final doorway in the chambers of one of the two opposing factions represented by Kether and Malchut, or enter a new central chamber via the Bequest Globe.

Choosing either of the two doors results in an ending in which the player is trapped in a dystopian world: either Kether's, a technological police state, or Malchut's, a society of forced genetic manipulation. Both have ominous men in black overseeing the proceedings. If the player instead chooses to open the central chamber, a scene with a group of grey aliens approaching is briefly shown, wherein they say, «We are coming, for we are Legion.» All three options lead to the same ending credits, which feature a voice-over describing the murder of Osiris. Drowned God for PC.

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