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Official NameDark Sector
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Digital Extremes
Publisher (s)D3 Publisher
Platform (s)Windows, PC
Release date (s)March 23, 2009
Genre (s)Third-person shooter
Mode (s)Single-player, multiplayer


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Dark Sector Full PC Game Overview

Dark Sector Download Free Full Game is a third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows.

The game is set in the fictional Eastern Bloc country of Lasria, and centers on protagonist Hayden Tenno (voiced by Michael Rosenbaum), a morally ambivalent CIA «clean-up man».[2] While trying to intercept rogue agent named Robert Mezner, Hayden's right arm is infected with the fictional Technocyte virus, which gives him the ability to grow a three-pronged «Glaive» at will.

Dark Sector received mixed to positive reviews for its visual design, originality of action and weapon-based gameplay. Many critics have compared the game to Resident Evil 4 and Gears of War, for their similar style of play and story.


In Dark Sector, gameplay revolves around the use of the Glaive, a tri-blade throwing weapon similar to a boomerang which returns to Hayden after each throw. The Glaive can be used for long-distance combat, solving environmental puzzles, and picking up in-game items. When in close proximity to an enemy, context-sensitive actions may appear, allowing the player to execute enemies with «finishers». Enemies also hold onto Hayden while attacking, and the player must rapidly press a randomly prompted button to break free. Dark Sector Free Download.

Environmental puzzles in the game usually focus upon capturing various elements (fire, electricity, or ice) with the Glaive. For example, a web blocking Hayden's path can be bypassed by capturing fire with the Glaive, and then launching it at the web to burn it down. The Glaive can also be dual-wielded with a gun, which allows the player to perform weapon combos which are more effective against shielded enemies. As the game progresses, Hayden and the Glaive are given several new abilities; it can be guided through the air, being able to kill multiple enemies (called the afterTouch); a charged-up throw for deadlier attacks (powerThrow); and the ability to make Hayden invisible for a short time (shift) and also provide a temporary shield (shieldPower).[3]

The camera is positioned over the shoulder for third-person shooting, and the player can also take cover by standing next to an object such as a pillar or wall. While in cover, Hayden can move temporarily out of cover to fire and throw the Glaive; however there is no blind firing from behind cover. There is a sprint function, which works similar to Gears of War 's Roadie Run,[4] and simple melee attacks that allow Hayden to punch or slice nearby enemies. The game has no HUD (except for the ammo counter); Hayden's health is shown by the screen flashing red when he takes damage, as well as an indicator showing the attacker's position. If Hayden takes too much damage, the flash speed will increase, and a heartbeat will be heard, indicating Hayden is «bleeding out».

Money (rubles), ammo, weapon upgrades, and grenades can only be found in set locations, so they are impossible to «farm». Downed enemies drop their guns, though after his infection, Hayden can only carry these weapons for a few seconds before they self-destruct. Permanent weapons can be purchased and upgraded in black markets, one small weapon for his off-hand use with the Glaive (replacing the pistol) and one large weapon such as a shotgun or rifle. Dark Sector Free Download PC Game.


Dark Sector has an online multiplayer mode, where there are only two modes of gameplay:

  • Infection: one player is randomly selected to be Hayden in a deathmatch against many soldier characters.
  • Epidemic: two Haydens on separate teams, the objective being to kill the opposing team's Hayden first.

In both modes, Hayden will have superior powers compared to the soldiers. Hayden will be able to become invisible, use the Glaive, etc., whereas the soldiers cannot. Dark Sector for PC.

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