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Official NameCue Club 2
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Developer (s)Bulldog Interactive
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows
Release date (s)2014
Genre (s)Sports simulation



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Cue Club 2 Full PC Game Overview

Cue Club 2 Download Free Full Game is a sports simulation video game developed by Bulldog Interactive and first released for Microsoft Windows on 4 July 2014. It is a realistic interpretation of pool and snooker, and sequel to the game Cue Club. In 2016 the developers released an updated version of the game with enhanced graphics, A.I. and ball physics.


Cue Club 2 embraces a top-down view of the table and control is through mouse input or via a touchscreen device. Several game rules are available including eight-ball, nine-ball, six-ball, snooker, speed pool and killer (pool). The rules of eight-ball pool can be customized to reflect the many variants available. There are three version of snooker; a full game with fifteen reds, or a shorter game with either ten or six reds. Players can choose from a selection of game types such as Practice Mode, Single Player Quick Game, Two Player, Tournament and Bar Challenge mode.

The game is set in a fictional club featuring a range of themed bars, and each is host to a selection of uniquely stylized opponents of varying difficulty. Upon starting the game the player is required to log-in by entering their name, after which they are given a membership card to access the first bar. Cue Club 2 Free Download.

There are two main tasks in the game; the first is to complete the Bar Challenge. Here, the player gets to choose the game rules played in each match, and aims to progress through the aforementioned bars by beating computer-controlled opponents one by one, comprising men, women and special characters. There are fifteen characters in total, complete with imagery, and dressed in casual clothing. After defeating all the opponents in a bar the player is awarded a membership card to the next bar where the difficulty level increases. When all the bars have been unlocked and opponents beaten, the player is presented with the Bar Challenge Trophy.

The second part to Cue Club 2 is Tournament mode. Sixteen players compete in a tournament, with a choice of rules featuring eight-ball, nine-ball and snooker. For this game mode opponents are dressed in formal competition attire. Progress is initially straightforward, but gets harder as weaker players are eliminated and more skillful opponents are encountered. There are four rounds in total (first round, quarter-final, semi-final and final), and the game can be saved after each match win. If the player succeeds in winning a tournament they are awarded one of three trophies.

Other accolades can be gained for producing high snooker breaks. Similarly, awards can be earned for racking up fast times in speed pool. There are ten trophies to collect in total. Cue Club 2 Free Download PC Game.

The game is completed when all opponents have been defeated in Bar Challenge mode and all three tournaments have been won. Upon successful completion of the Bar Challenge, which is arguably the largest and most challenging aspect of the game, a victory sequence is played.

New Features

Cue Club 2 expands on the original game with new artwork, additional characters, table designs, cues and ball sets. Both the size and design of the cues and balls can be modified. The table cloth, pockets and rails can also be customized, along with the speed of the table. The method of cueing may also be adjusted. Additionally, players are able to choose from a selection of colored chalk. The developers state that the physics engine has been overhauled and the A.I. of the computer opponents significantly improved. Two new bonus games have been added, including a revised Slam mode, where balls can be swung round on a length of cord, and also Detonator mode where the balls explode on impact (which was formerly a cheat option in the original Cue Club). Players can save shots and replay them at a variety of speeds, and also save their highest snooker breaks and speed pool times in the Hall of Fame, and watch these performances back later. A selection of nine new soundtracks were also composed for the title, serving as background music to complement gameplay. In an attempt to stay true to its roots the developers retained recognizable styling elements from the first game, but made several important technical improvements to enable support for widescreen and touchscreen monitors, and also 1080p High Definition graphics and 4K displays. The software is capable of supporting multiple resolutions depending on the user's current Windows desktop settings, and adaptive scaling ensures that the table fills the screen, irrespective of the aspect ratio, with no stretching or image distortion.

Critical Response

Cue Club 2 was released to critical acclaim with feedback from gamers and the gaming press citing its high degree of playability, realistic graphics, finely-tuned A.I. and accurate physics engine as key strengths. In November 2015, the popular gaming website awarded Cue Club 2 a score of 81%, recommending the game over any other pool simulator currently on the market. Cue Club 2 Download Torrent.

Cue Club 2 Free Download PC Game

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Cue Club 2 Free Download PC Game

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