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Official NameCreeper World
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Knuckle Cracker
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)2013
Genre (s)Tower defense, Real-time strategy



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Creeper World Full PC Game Overview

Creeper World Download Free Full Game is a series of web browser and standalone video games with both real-time strategy and tower defense elements developed by Knuckle Cracker. Players must survive the onslaught of the titular blue mass, known as Creeper, which rises up the playing field and attempts to destroy their base of operations, Odin City. This is achieved by gathering energy and using it to power weapons which stave off the Creeper long enough for the player to link Odin City with each level's energy totems in order to escape to the next level.

Reviewers stated that the original game has simplistic graphics, but praised Creeper World's gameplay. Two expansions were subsequently released. The first, Creeper World: Evermore, features randomly generated new maps that are generated daily. The second, Creeper World: User Space, features new graphics and a selection of 14 increasingly challenging maps created by fans and collected by the original creators. Creeper World Free Download.

A sequel, Creeper World 2: Redemption was released May 16, 2011. It features new weapons, and a different angle of view, drastically changing the gameplay.

The third game, Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal was released October 4, 2013. This third part in the series returns to the original Creeper World style of top down gameplay, but features a built in map editor and a custom scripting language called CRPL to make every map in the game.

On May 22, 2014, a new, free browser-based minigame was released, Creeper World 3: Abraxis it consists of 12 new prequel missions, running on the Unity browser plug-in.


Creeper World

Creeper World is like a real-time strategy and tower defense game. Unlike most games of this type, there is only one enemy and it can only be repelled rather than destroyed. The player must hold back a blue mass called the «Creeper», which has already destroyed most of humanity and is now attacking Odin City, humanity's last bastion. This is done by placing towers onto the battlefield which shoot at the Creeper. The main goal of the game is to connect the player's base to energy totems through the use of energy collectors and relays; doing so opens a jump gate which allows Odin City to teleport to a new planet and attempt to escape the Creeper again. Creeper World Free Download PC Game.

Units to attack the Creeper are created in Odin City. In order to power their weapons, energy must be gathered by Collectors, which are placed by the player. These Collectors require space in order to harvest energy and must be connected to the city's network. Should a Collector become isolated by the Creeper it becomes inactive and must be joined to the rest of the network in order to continue providing energy. The game's landscapes have different elevations, the Creeper can quickly spread across low-lying areas but must gather before rising to higher ground, like a liquid. Here the player can create choke-points to try and prevent the spread. Blaster units can attack the Creeper if they have line-of-sight contact but cannot attack higher elevations, while mortars can throw bombs into denser regions of Creeper and attack higher elevations. In later missions the player is able to collect nodes to allow them to update their systems. Six different upgrades are available. Three defensive and three offensive.


Creeper World

IGN's editor named it their Indie Pick of the Week, stating «Creeper World may not be much to look at, but it's got it where it counts in the gameplay department.» Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Kieron Gillen stated that «Creeper World is the most apocalyptic game I've played in ages». Game developer Greg Costikyan stated that despite no element of the game being original «...they are combined in a novel fashion that makes the game worth checking out.» Big Download's reviewer called Creeper World's graphics «ridiculously simple» but added «...that works in its favor — their iconic nature makes for immediate identification...», allowing the player to see the whole battlefield as though it was a diagram. Creeper World for PC.

Creeper World Free Download PC Game

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