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Official NameContract J.A.C.K.
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Monolith Productions
Publisher (s)Vivendi Games
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)2003
Genre (s)First-person shooter
Mode (s)Single player, Multiplayer


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Contract JACK Full PC Game Overview

Contract JACK Download Free Full Game is a prequel to the 2002 computer game No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In H.A.R.M.'s Way. It was developed by Monolith Productions, published by Vivendi Games. J.A.C.K. (Just Another Contract Killer) is set in the time frame between the events of the original No One Lives Forever and No One Lives Forever 2.


The game follows John Jack, a professional killer recruited by H.A.R.M., a criminal organization central to the No One Lives Forever series. Contract J.A.C.K. is set between No One Lives Forever and No One Lives Forever 2. The game does not involve UNITY, the organization for which Cate Archer works and that opposed H.A.R.M. in the other two games. Rather, J.A.C.K. pits H.A.R.M. against a rival criminal organization, Danger Danger.

After a night of heavy drinking, Jack is apprehended by thugs, who are ordered to kill him. Before they can, he breaks free from the ropes that tied him to a chair and slaughters the thugs that swarm the building. Before he can leave, he receives a phone call from Dimitrij Volkov, H.A.R.M.'s Director of Executive Action. Volkov tells Jack to report to a job interview at the Roman ruins on Malta. The interview consists of Jack mowing down waves of H.A.R.M. troopers as Volkov taunts them over a loudspeaker. In the end, Jack is hired by H.A.R.M. Contract JACK Free Download.

For his first assignment, Jack must infiltrate a Czechoslovakian military base to figure out why Danger Danger is interested in it. Upon delving deeper into the base, Jack becomes aware that the facility is a secret rocket launch site. Danger Danger is trying to use a Czech rocket to recover Dr. Harij, a H.A.R.M. scientist stranded on the moon after the destruction of H.A.R.M.'s space station in No One Lives Forever. Although Danger Danger is able to launch a rocket full of their men, Jack commandeers a second rocket and heads to the moon after them.

On the moon, Jack must fight through Danger Danger goons to get to Dr. Harij. Danger Danger reaches the scientist first, and they begin destroying the lunar base to prevent Jack from escaping. Jack reaches Danger Danger's rocket seconds before it lifts-off. The effects of the rocket's propulsion and the base's explosion send Jack floating through space on a collision course with the Sun. Il Pazzo (Italian for «The Crazy One»), leader of Danger Danger, begins dispatching men to kill Jack, but he fails, and Jack floats to the other rocket, which had been floating among the debris of the base. Contract JACK Free Download PC Game.

Jack crashes his rocket into the Italian countryside of Tuscany. Il Pazzo is nearby with Dr. Harij, and he flees on a gondola. Jack steals a machine gun-equipped Vespa and pursues them. After killing hordes of Il Pazzo's men, Jack arrives at a castle where Il Pazzo is holed up with Dr. Harij. Using cannons positioned around the building, Jack kills the defenders. A long-distance battle ensues between Jack and Il Pazzo. Jack wins, but is not able to kill Il Pazzo completely. After rescuing Dr. Harij, Jack is shot by Volkov and left to die. The game ends with Jack rising up and limping toward Volkov's skis. It is believed that the ending implied why Volkov is confined in a wheel chair and covered in a full-body plaster cast in No One Lives Forever 2.


  • John Jack: An American freelance hitman, with the deadliest skills around the world to be found. Persuaded into employment by Dmitrij Volkov to work for HARM, and tasked with the objective to go and retrieve a scientist. He soon finds himself pitted against a rival terrorist organization called 'Danger Danger', and battles them in the most violent way possible. He rarely talks throughout the game, and is voiced by Jock Blaney.
  • Dmitrij Volkov: HARM's Director of Executive Actions, which is described by him as «the polite words of being a cruel and sadistic assassin.» He persuades John Jack into working for his organization for a one certain assignment. He monitors him via radios throughout the game and informs about the upcoming incidents. He is, as with Jack, voiced by Jock Blaney. Contract JACK for PC.
  • Ill Pazzo: The leader of the Italian criminal organization known as 'Danger Danger'. His real name is never revealed, and is only addressed by his nickname, 'Ill Pazzo', which stands for being «The Crazy One» in Italian. Ill Pazzo is determined to compete with HARM and rise on top. He is voiced by John Armstrong.
  • Dr. Harij: An Indian scientist who has been stuck in one of HARM's space shuttles for a year that was destroyed by accidental meteor showers during one of their operations, and Harij was trapped in the remains. HARM is determined to get him back into working for them, and Jack was hired to do the job. Meanwhile, in turns out Danger Danger wants him for their own, too. He is voiced by Ken Boynton.

•             Louie Franco: An Italian gangster who apprehends and orders the death of John Jack, in the beginning of the game, for blocking his business as a criminal. He is never seen, but sends his men onto Jack to murder him. He is voiced by David Gehrman. Contract JACK Download Torrent.

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