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Official NameCommand: Modern Air Naval Operations
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Warfare Sims
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)2013
Genre (s)Real-time strategy, warfare



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Command Modern Air Naval Operations Full PC Game Overview

Command Modern Air Naval Operations Download Free Full Game is a warfare simulation video game developed by Warfare Sims, published by Matrix Games and released on September 24, 2013. Often described as the spiritual successor to the legacy Harpoon series, Command expands on both the scope and detail of simulation compared to Harpoon and was designed to overcome the earlier series limitations.


In CMANO, players have operational control over units. Similar to Harpoon, players can command their units using preset missions, or by giving direct instructions of the «Go here, do this» variety. The size and scale of the engagements is dependent on the scenario, with the engine capable of performing small patrol boat battles right up to global warfare. Individual scenarios vary from a few hours to multiple days of real time, although time can be accelerated to allow for quiet time between actions. At present, no multiplayer is integrated in the base game, although the developers have stated a desire to include multiplayer in a future update. Additionally, a community mod exists which allows a turn based multiplayer mode. Command Modern Air Naval Operations Free Download.

The game features a scenario editor that allows for real-time changes to scenarios under construction, allowing battles in the editor to be run and changed instantly.

User interface

Command uses the standard Win32 / Windows Forms interface, making use of built-in Windows interface elements (windows, buttons, checkboxes etc.). This makes it easy to use multiple monitors, for example the main map can span multiple monitors or be placed on the primary monitor while secondary information windows are parked on other screens.

The primary UI element of Command is the main map, an accurate 3D-globe representation of Earth (using orthographic projection) with multiple selectable map layers such as Blue Marble NG, a coastline & borders layer, a detailed relief layer (useful for observing and exploiting differences in land elevation) and others. Players can also overlay georeferenced imagery of their own (obtained from Google Maps or other sources) in order to add extra detail to their scenarios. (The professional edition also offers the ability to use on-demand commercial imagery providers such as Microsoft Bing Maps). While hovering over the map, the mouse cursor displays various information such as local coordinates, local terrain elevation or water depth, local time, time of day, weather, convergence zone estimate, thermal layer estimate etc. This information can appear either right next to the map cursor or at the bottom of the map (or completely hidden).

Additional secondary windows offer information on the selected units or contacts, such as the status of weapons, sensors, magazines, hosted aircraft or boats, damage control, plotted course settings, doctrine & RoE settings etc. Command Modern Air Naval Operations Free Download PC Game.

The simulation's generated messages can either appear on the side of the map or be printed on a separate textbox which can be placed at any point of the screen or parked on a separate monitor. In the latter case the messages can also be filtered for a keyword.

Reception, accolades, and further development

Command received an enthusiastic reception in the hardcore wargaming genre, being praised for its combination of scope, detail, realism, accuracy and user interface functionality It has been criticized for its relatively high launch price, and a number of bugs present in its original release. However, the developers have released a number of patches and updates addressing these bugs.

Command was picked as the «Top PC Wargame of 2013» by War is Boring (together with FlashPoint Campaigns — Red Storm), and as Top Simulation of 2013 by It also swept the popular vote-based wargaming awards, winning the Usenet (CSIPGWH) «Wargame of the Year 2013 Gold» award  and the GrogHeads 2013 awards in the categories «Digital Wargame of the Year» and overall «Digital Game of the Year». Command Modern Air Naval Operations for PC.

The WS development team has released a number of substantial free updates containing new simulation mechanics, database updates & additions, UI improvements and tweaks & bugfixes based on player feedback. A detailed listing of official updates is available on the WS site.

Professional Edition

Command was designed from the onset to be highly usable as a serious gaming and analysis tool, and has been frequently used in this capacity. A long-awaited official «professional edition» was unveiled in May 2015, offering advanced functionality tailored to the needs of defence-related professionals and organizations, think tanks etc. Features include full database-editing access, umpire-controlled WEGO-style multiplayer, Monte-Carlo mode (statistical analysis), data import/export and more. The additional abilities are offered piecemeal to allow customers to tailor Command to their needs. One of the first unveiled professional customers has been BAE Systems. Command Modern Air Naval Operations Download Torrent.

Command Modern Air Naval Operations Free Download PC Game

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Command Modern Air Naval Operations Free Download PC Game

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