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Official NameClosers
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Developer (s)Naddic Games
Publisher (s)South Korea Nexon
Release date (s)2014
Genre (s)Action Side-scroller, MMORPG
Mode (s)Multiplayer



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Closers Full PC Game Overview

Closers Download Free Full Game (Korean: 클로저스) is a free-to-play fast-paced 3D action MMORPG developed by Naddic Games and published by Nexon in Korea, Megaxus in Indonesia, and Sega in Japan.


Closers gameplay mostly revolves around the usage of skills, with a very basic ground, dash, jump, dash jump combos used mostly for the purpose of resource regeneration.

Player vs. Environment

You will travel around New Seoul defeating Dimensionals and fulfilling missions assigned by various NPCs.

All Player vs. Environment gameplay is performed in instanced dungeons that you may enter by speaking to a certain NPC in each of the towns. Closers Free Download.

At the moment, all Season 1 Towns have been released: Gangnam GGV, (Old) Guro Station, Singang High School, G Tower, and Season 1 Epilogue. There is also a Max Level Zone, Plane Gate.

The current max level of Wolfdog in Korean version is 58, and Black Lambs's max level is 62.(2015.10.11)

Dimensional War

A Player vs. Player mode similar to MOBA where you may play as a Dimensional or a Closer, and attempt to destroy the other team's main tower before they do.




After the invading dimensional monsters were beaten back, Seoul was rebuilt. This is the story of Closers in New Seoul. Closers Free Download PC Game.

Mysterious dimensional gates opened all over the planet and unleashed a worldwide invasion of dimensional monsters. No monsters and tactics had any effect on the waves of dimensional monsters pouring out of the dimensional gates. City after city was mercilessly destroyed.

But the opening of the dimensional gates did not only cause damage and destruction. The psychokinetic power that it awoke also enabled a tiny minority of humans to gain extraordinary psychic powers. With these psychic warriors, governments around the world were able to turn the tide of the war with these monsters. After unspeakable losses, the people of earth at least succeeded in closing the gates. Since they had closed the gates, these psychics began to be called „CLOSERS,“ and the invasion of the dimensional monsters was named the First Dimensional War.

With the dimensional monsters vanquished, peace returned to the world, and the cities were rebuilt. Through dedicated research into the dimensional gates and psychokinetic power, humans learned that the gates open when there is a singularity in this mysterious power. However, their understanding of the gates was still incomplete. The CLOSERS who survived the First Dimensional War became part of an organization called UNION. Together, they researched the psychokinetic power in all over the world, working to prevent another dimensional war.

And that's when the dimensional gates all over the world started shaking again — as ever stronger outbreed creatures renewed the attack on earth.» Closers Download Torrent.

Closers Free Download PC Game

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