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Official NameChinese Paladin 3
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Softstar Technology (Shanghai)
Publisher (s)Softstar Entertainment Inc.
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)31 July 2003
Genre (s)RPG
Mode (s)Single player


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Chinese Paladin 3 Full PC Game Overview

Chinese Paladin 3 Download Free Full Game is an action role-playing game developed by the Taiwanese company Softstar Entertainment. It is the third instalment in the The Legend of Sword and Fairy (or Chinese Paladin) video game series, and serves as a prequel to the first game. The game incorporates elements of wuxia, shenmo and fantasy.


Characters' stats are measured in jing (精), qi (氣) and shen (神). Jing refers to health points; Qi is the energy points required to perform special moves; Shen refers to magic points. The concept of the five elements (Fire, Water, Lightning, Wind and Earth), which works in a way similar to the Wu Xing in Chinese philosophy, is also applied in the game. Each of the five protagonists have a special attribute based on one of the elements and can use special powers (xianshu) of their respective elements.


Feipeng, a divine general from Heaven, fights with Chonglou, the Lord of Demons. Neither of them is able to defeat his opponent and they gradually become less willing to destroy each other out of mutual admiration. Chonglou challenges Feipeng to another battle to determine the final victor between the two of them. Feipeng hesitates, because he will break Heaven's laws if he agrees, but eventually succumbs to temptation. The battle between Feipeng and Chonglou lasts several days and draws the attention of the Heavenly Emperor, who sends his troops to arrest Feipeng. Feipeng is distracted and loses to Chonglou. His sword is knocked away by Chonglou and falls into the human world below. Feipeng is punished for breaking celestial rules by banishment from Heaven into the human realm. Chinese Paladin 3 Free Download.

Feipeng, now an ordinary human being, goes through the cycle of life and death numerous times, and is eventually reincarnated as Jingtian, a young pawnshop keeper in Yuzhou. He acquires a magical weapon, the Demon Sword, by chance. The spirit of Long Kui, the younger sister of Long Yang (one of Jingtian's previous incarnations), resides in the sword, and she joins Jingtian in his adventures.

At the same time, he meets Tang Xuejian, a girl from the prestigious Tang clan. He is drawn into the internal conflict within Tang's family and the clash between the Tang clan and the Thunderbolt Hall. Subsequently, Jingtian meets Xu Changqing, an outcast of the Mount Shu Sect, and Xu's fiancee, Zixuan. He joins them in their quest to find the five elemental pearls, which can seal all evil spirits and demons in the Demon Prison Tower. Chinese Paladin 3 Free Download PC Game.

Chinese Paladin 3 Free Download PC Game

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Chinese Paladin 3 Free Download PC Game

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