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Official NameCaesar III
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Impressions Games
Publisher (s)Sierra Entertainment, Sold-Out Software
Designer (s)David Lester
Composer (s)Robert Euvino[1]
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)1998
Genre (s)City-building
Mode (s)Single-player


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Caesar III Full PC Game Overview

Caesar III Download Free Full Game is a video game developed by Impressions Games and published by Sierra Entertainment; the third installment of the Caesar series, part of Sierra's City Building Series. It was released in October 1998.


Cities in Caesar III try to accurately reflect the life of Roman citizens — the lowest plebeians live in tents and shacks, while the richest patricians live in villas. Staple foods include wheat, fruits, vegetables, and meat, and wine is required for some festivals and houses. Citizens wander the streets in their various garbs and can tell the player their name and how they feel about the city.

The city is viewed in a two dimensional isometric view with a fixed magnification level, and can be rotated ninety degrees.

Access to services such as market goods, entertainment, hygiene, education, and taxation are represented by «walkers,» which are people sent out from their buildings to patrol the streets. Any house that is passed by a walker is considered to have access to the services of the walker's building. All movements of goods and coverage of walkers are accurately reflected by citizens walking the streets: a player can watch a farm's crop progress, and when it's ready a worker will push a full cart from the farm to a nearby warehouse or granary; then return with an empty cart. Caesar III Free Download.

Battles are fought by instructing a legion to march to the enemy, then arrange themselves in a particular formation. After this the soldiers take over and fight the battle.

There is no terrain editing, other than permanently removing trees to clear land for building. But there is a separate Map Editor that permits terrain editing, as well as creating new maps from scratch and editing dozens of parameters in a scenario.

Short video clips are played for significant events, such as city milestones or messages from the Roman Emperor. Background music is played which varies according to the situation (gentle themes to begin with, war drums during times of conflict and triumphal music when the player nears the objective). Musical themes are supplemented by crowd noises, the sounds of manufacturing and the clash of weapons at appropriate times.

A manual accompanies Caesar III, though there are minor discrepancies from the game in some editions.

Compared to other strategy games set in Antiquity, Caesar III focuses more on city-building than fighting, though invaders will sometimes attack the player's city. There are two ways to play the game: Mission Mode, which is tantamount to typical «campaign» modes of other strategy games, and City Construction Mode, in which the player plays one scenario from scratch.

Mission Mode

In Mission Mode the player starts with a rank of Citizen, and each time the objectives set by the Emperor are reached, the player rises a rank, until finally becoming Emperor and winning the game. After the first two missions, the player chooses between two cities to build: one more focused on military activity and security, or one which requires more prosperity and culture.

Citizen and Clerk provide a gentle introduction to the game and are tutorial in nature. For every mission after Citizen, the emperor will set objectives in five categories: Population, Prosperity, Culture, Peace, and Favor. These increase with each rank, and peaceful missions have higher rating requirements than military missions.

  • Population is the number of inhabitants in the city. Immigrants will come to live in the city if there is enough housing and work, the province is secure, the people are in a good mood, and other factors are satisfactory, such as good health, low crime, reasonable taxation and enough entertainment (festivals) etc. High unemployment is one reason the population can be in a poor mood, and citizens will start to leave (or even riot) if unemployment is high for too long. Conversely, prolonged overwork (continual staff shortages), lack of food, absence of festivals, lawlessness, sickness or punitive taxation can also be reasons for poor mood. Destruction of housing by fire, collapse, invasion or insurrection, plague or by entire communities being (deliberately or inadvertently) cut off from the main road network also results in loss of population. The «very hard» difficulty setting should not be used before the population gets to around 500, due to it not being possible to improve the mood of small populations on this setting.
  • Prosperity is the hardest criterion to achieve in the game. It reflects the wealth of the citizens and is measured by the quality of their housing, and the city's ability to turn a profit. Poverty or poor mood impacts prosperity because citizens rob the tax collectors of city funds and ransack public buildings. Caesar III Free Download PC Game.
  • Culture measures the level of literacy, entertainment, and temples available to the player's citizens. As many citizens as possible need access to schools, libraries, academies, temples and theaters ... in order for this to rise.
  • Peace rises every year there is no damage to the city from enemy soldiers, and no rioting, insurrection or theft.
  • Favor is the esteem the Emperor has for the player. By default it falls slightly every year, and will fall considerably when the player is continuously in debt, under-performs, or pays themselves a salary higher than that set for their current rank. The rating rises when the emperor's occasional requests are obeyed (goods or soldiers are dispatched at his command), when he is sent presents bought with the player's personal salary or when his invading army is defeated.

The advisors make suggestions to help achieve these ratings.

When all the objectives have been reached, the gamer is normally given the option to win (and be promoted) immediately or to continue to govern for two or five years. If the player continues to govern, attacks by Caesar's own troops can still be experienced in the first year and those by insurgents can continue until the end. It is still possible to lose the game and it is therefore advisable to have saved the game regularly to enable a return to a point prior to victory. However, it is not necessary to attain the objectives during the post-victory period.

City Construction Mode

In the City Construction Mode (that is, using the game's separate City Construction Kit), there are no specific objectives; the player simply chooses a city and develops it for as long as desired. Some of the cities available include Narbo, Toletum, Corinthus, as well as alternate versions of Mediolanum and Caesarea. In some of them the player will still face invaders, such as the Iberians.


Houses are the buildings in which the citizens live. First the player designates plots for the future houses. If conditions in the city are reasonably desirable, immigrants will move in and pitch a tent on the plot.

When an immigrant pitches his tent, he becomes a plebeian and starts working at places like farms, prefectures, markets, schools, libraries, clinics, etc.

The first service that must be provided to housing is water. Once given water (from a well or fountain), a small tent will evolve to a large tent, which has a higher value. Soon they will ask for food, religion, entertainment, education, pottery, etc., and evolve into higher levels of housing. The grand insulae is the highest level of plebeian housing. If provided with even more goods and services, it will evolve into patrician housing, whose inhabitants don't work (but contribute more than plebes to the city's tax revenue). The final level of housing is a luxury palace, but it is difficult to achieve as it has exacting requirements. Caesar III for PC.

The general progression of housing is as follows:

  • Tents — Basic housing, very prone to fires. Large tents need a water supply.
  • Shacks — Shacks require food provided from a market.
  • Hovels — Hovels require basic temple access.
  • Casas — Small casas are 'bread and butter' housing, requiring only food, basic education, fountain access and basic entertainment. Large casas require pottery and bathhouse access.
  • Insulae — Medium insulae require furniture, and Large insulae, oil. Large insulae require at least a 2×2 plot of land, and will expand if necessary to do so. Grand Insulae will require access to a library, school, barber, doctor, two food types and 'some access' to entertainment venues (e.g. theatre + amphitheatre + 2 shows + average overall city entertainment coverage). Grand insulae are the most developed form of plebeian housing.
  • Villas and Palaces — Small villas require wine and access to temples to two different gods. Large villas will expand to 3×3 plots. Grand Villas will require access to a hospital, academy, and temples to three different gods. Small palaces will require a second source of wine (imported if the city's primary source of wine is local, or vice versa). Large palaces will expand to 4×4 plots. Steadily increasing entertainment values are the main requirement for patrician housing to develop, and those for a Luxury Palace are near-perfect.

Desirability can prevent a house from evolving. In order to evolve, a house also must have a certain desirability in addition to more services. Desirability is calculated from the nearby buildings. For example, a reservoir is an undesirable neighbour while a temple is rather desirable. A house requires more desirability as it evolves.

Prosperity is largely based on the overall quality of houses- a city with a large population of tents and shacks is considered less prosperous than one of equal size with more luxurious housing. Caesar III Download Torrent.

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