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Official NameBravely Second: End Layer
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Silicon Studio
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)April 23, 2015
Genre (s)Role-playing


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Bravely Second End Layer Full PC Game Overview

Bravely Second End Layer Download Free Full Game is a Japanese role-playing video game developed by Silicon Studio and published by Square Enix for the Nintendo 3DS, and is the sequel to Bravely Default. It was released by Square Enix in Japan on April 23, 2015, and was released by Nintendo in North America, Europe, and Australia in 2016.


The game, like its predecessor, is a role-playing video game, and reuses the battle system implemented in Bravely Default. New to the game is a chain-battle feature where a player who defeats a random encounter may continue to battle enemies in succession for greater risk and reward. The original game's sidequests have been revamped; players encounter two Eternian asterisk holders in an argument about an ethical dilemma, and the player must resolve the conflict with the reward being the loser's asterisk.


Two and a half years after the events of Bravely Default, Agnès Oblige has been elected the Pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy. She and Grand Marshal Braev Lee of the Duchy of Eternia seek to end hostilities between the two with a formal peace treaty. Bravely Second End Layer Free Download.

However, the ceremony is ambushed by Kaiser Oblivion, leader of the Glanz Empire, and his cryst-fairy Anne. The two defeat Braev and abduct Agnès. Yew Geneolgia, leader of Agnès' bodyguard unit, the Crystalguard, awakens a week after the attack. He sets out with fellow Crystalguard leaders Janne Engarde and Nikolai Nikolanikov to rescue Agnès. When they regroup with their comrades, Nikolai returns home to heal wounded soldiers. That night, Janne murders the remaining Crystalguard survivors and reveals he has been with the empire from the start. Yew escapes and returns home only to discover that Nikolai has apparently been killed in a follow-up attack by imperial forces. Afterwards, guided by Agnès through a crystal shard she dropped when she was kidnapped, Yew assembles three companions to aid him in his quest; Edea Lee, daughter of Braev and leader of Eternia's Imperial Guard knights, Magnolia Arch, a young Ba'al Buster from the moon who is the sole survivor of an attack on her village by an extraordinarily powerful Ba'al and who possesses an hourglass capable of localized time manipulation, and Tiz Arrior, a former comrade of Agnès and Edea who is awakened from the coma he has been in for the past two and a half years. The four are too late to stop Oblivion from escaping in his airship, the Skyhold, and discover that Nikolai faked his death and also serves the empire.

With Agnès' aid, the party pursues the Skyhold to the continent of Harena, making a stop at Al-Khampis, where Yew went to school. There, the party learns of a giant creature called a Ba'al who fell from the sky some time ago and currently lies dormant on an island north of Harena. Traveling to the island where it landed, they are shocked to find it is no longer there. However, Magnolia senses it may be on the Skyhold with the Kaiser. Bravely Second End Layer Free Download PC Game.

Upon returning to Al-Khampis, the party meets Professor Norzen, a highly regarded scholar. He explains that Oblivion is searching for a «compass of space and time» and implores the group to retrieve it before Oblivion. The group locates the compass, but are unable to prevent Oblivion's men from escaping with it. The group encounters Janne again, who reveals himself to be the last survivor of House Balestra, a family that served in the Crystalguard 16 years ago. He explains that during the war with the nascent Duchy of Eternia, House Balestra refused to surrender to the duchy's forces and was obliterated by House Geneolgia; Janne serves the empire in order to exact revenge. The Skyhold escapes again, and the party pursues them to Eisenberg.

In Eisenberg, the party runs into Princess Yoko of Yunohana, and her brother Danzaburo. The party attends a festival in the city of Hartschild, where Magnolia and Yew bond. Shortly afterward, Yoko is injured in a battle with Glanz troops, and the group heads to Yunohana to seek treatment in their famed hot springs. While recovering, Yoko reveals Danzaburo is searching for the Sword of the Brave, the acquisition of which will legitimize his inheritance of the family's lordship. Yew reluctantly reveals the sword's location. Yoko goes off on her own to claim the sword, and the party catches up just in time for her to take it. The Sword of the Brave cuts off Danzaburo's sword arm, much to Yew's horror; he reveals that during his childhood his own elder brother Denys tried to find the sword, and it took his sword arm. Denys was disinherited by the Geneolgia family, and vanished shortly thereafter. Yoko then reveals this incident to be a set-up playing on Yew's insecurities; she is in truth a yokai, and Danzaburo is a fabrication of hers. Bravely Second End Layer for PC.

She tells the group to go to the Fire Crystal temple to discover the Kaiser's true goal, then disappears. At the Fire temple, Tiz and Edea discover that the Fire Crystal has been overcharged. They realize the Kaiser has been attacking the home cities of the crystals, and aims to summon the Holy Pillar. The group tries to prevent history from repeating and hurries to Florem, the home of the water crystal.

When the Skyhold reaches Florem, it is shot down by a massive laser. The group consults the matriarch of Florem and has the Vestling of Water, Sylvie, place a shield around the Water Crystal. The group then repels an attack by the Glanz Empire and attracts the attention of Lotus, an engineer from the hidden Sagitta Village. He takes the party to Sagitta and reveals their SP cannon, a powerful laser cannon used to destroy Ba'als. Sagitta is responsible for shooting down the Skyhold due to the presence of the Ba'al on their ship and intends to finish them off. The party also meets Altair, a deceased being from the Celestial Realm whose soul is possessing Tiz and has been guiding them on their journey up to this point. He reveals that the Ba'als are being created from his memories. Meanwhile, Oblivion has one of his lieutenants possess Agnès to dispel the shield around the Water Crystal and overcharge it, summoning the Holy Pillar. The party convinces the Sagitta elder to give them time to rescue Agnès and storms the Skyhold. They encounter Janne and Nikolai, the latter of whom reveals that he follows Oblivion in order to atone for his failure to stop the corruption of the Crystalguard and the Orthodoxy. The party kills them and confronts Oblivion. He uses the compass to go back in time, taking Agnès with him, while Anne uses the Holy Pillar to destroy the Moon. The party defeats Anne in battle, but the destruction of the Moon causes the flow of time in Luxendarc to stop, which will inevitably destroy it. Bravely Second End Layer Download Torrent.

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