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Official NameBad Day L.A.
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Enlight Software
Publisher (s)The Mauretania Import Export Company
Designer (s)American McGee
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)2006
Genre (s)Action-adventure, Third person shooter
Mode (s)Single-player


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Bad Day L A Download Free Full Game (Chinese: 洛城大灾难) is a 2006 third-person action video game by American McGee. Players assume the role of Anthony Willams, a former Hollywood agent turned homeless man in Los Angeles. During this time LA is ravaged by both natural and man-made disasters. Anthony only wishes to save himself, though through the course of the story he becomes an unwilling savior. The game's attempted tone is one of political satire, targeting all spectra of politics.

The game was featured in the film Half Nelson months before its release. Both deal with themes of urban decay.


  • Anthony Williams: The protagonist, a homeless man forced into being an unwilling savior.
  • The Sick Kid: Exposed to a biological agent, Anthony must get him to the doctor, though he takes his time about it.
  • Juan the Yard-worker: A Mexican yard worker with amnesia and a chainsaw.
  • Beverly of Beverly Hills: More or less a clone of Paris Hilton obsessed with fashion, nails and getting to Hawaii.
  • The Sergeant: A dedicated soldier full of George W. Bush quotes, an unending cache of grenades, and a missing arm. Bad Day L A Free Download.


The game was met with negative reception upon release. Metacritic gave it an aggregate score of 28 out of 100,[2] while GameRankings gave it 33.15%.[1]

GameSpot gave it a 3 out of 10, and called it «an abject failure» and a «spectacular failure in almost every facet of its execution».[7] IGN gave it a 2.7, saying that «it's terrible».[9] G4's X-Play gave it their lowest rating, a 1 out of 5,[12] and also gave it a «Golden Mullet Award» for the year of 2006. PC Gamer gave it a 20%, saying it was «so tasteless that I wanted to scrub myself with Lysol after getting up from the computer» and «being a bad Postal clone».[11] GameSpy «awarded» the title the «Coaster of the Year» award for 2006.[13] GamesRadar awarded it the «collateral damage» award for the Anti-Game Of The Year claiming that it seemed to be «designed to end up on this list. If so... congratulations, guys, you did it!» But the game lost the award to Sonic The Hedgehog as that was apparently «the most disappointing» rather than "the absolute worst game of the year.[14]" Ben Croshaw of Zero Punctuation briefly described it as «fondly remembered alongside botched prostate surgery.» [15] GamesRadar ranked it as the 25th worst game ever made. Bad Day L A Free Download PC Game.

Bad Day L A Free Download PC Game

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