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Official NameAncient Wars: Sparta
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)World Forge
Publisher (s)Playlogic
Distributor (s)Eidos Interactive
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)2007
Genre (s)Real-time strategy
Mode (s)Singleplayer, Online multiplayer


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Ancient Wars Sparta Download Free Full Game (Russian: Войны древности: Спарта) is a 2007 real-time strategy video game for Microsoft Windows developed by World Forge, published by Playlogic, and distributed by Eidos.


The player has the ability to research and create weaponry with which to equip his warriors. This, however, makes each unit relatively expensive. The solution to this problem is that when the opponents' warriors die, they leave their equipment on the battlefield, and the player's workers can collect them. These weapons can then be used by the player to equip their own army. Collected weapons have no cost when building a unit utilising that weapon.

There are three types of infantry unit; «Light», «Medium», and «Heavy». Light infantry («Psiloi» for the Spartans, «Nubian mercenaries» for the Egyptians and «Kara Warriors» for the Persians) are lightly armored and fast. They are ideal for using as ranged units. Medium infantry («Spartiate» for Sparta, «Mighty Nadsez» for Egypt and «Nobles» for Persia), are medium armored and good as both ranged and melee fighters. Heavy infantry («Hoplites» for Sparta, «Pharaoh's Guard» for Egypt and «Immortals» for Persia) are heavily armored and slow, but are deadly when used as melee units. Ancient Wars Sparta Free Download.

All infantry (excluding heroes) are built either at the barracks or archery range. Before building a unit, the player must choose which items are to be equipped to that unit. There are 8 slots for customization, and a variety of weapons and shields. Most have to be researched before being equipped to the soldiers.


The game consists of three campaigns centered around ancient civilizations: Sparta, Egypt and Persia.[4] Each campaign is divided into nine missions.

The Spartan campaign: The story starts with Pausanias (relative of Leonidas, king of Sparta) going after Leonidas to help him battle the Persians. After the two meet, Leonidas tells the story of how he became king with the help of his uncle Demaratus. After the story, Leonidas dies in the Battle of Thermopylae, and Pausanias takes over the battle against the Persians. Ancient Wars Sparta Free Download PC Game.

The Egyptian campaign: The protagonist for this campaign is Inaros, who has had his lover taken away by a Persian leader and who sets out to retrieve her, whilst simultaneously attempting to liberate his people from the Persian Empire.

The Persian campaign: This campaign tells the story of the two sons of Darius (Xerxes and Artabuzes), who are fighting over the throne after the death of their father.


The game received mixed reviews. It holds aggregate scores of 59 out of 100 on Metacritic, based on twenty-one reviews,[5] and 59.16% on GameRankings, based on nineteen reviews. Ancient Wars Sparta for PC.

Eurogamer's Rob Fahey was extremely unimpressed, scoring the game 4 out of 10 and writing «it fails to deliver an experience which is up to the standards of previous, incredibly similar games.» He felt that all three campaigns played similarly, and that combat involved no strategy, with the player simply throwing as many units into the battle as possible. Of the core gameplay, he wrote «Instead of the kind of solid, varied combat which the RTS genre has been steadily evolving towards over the years, Ancient Wars: Sparta falls back on resource management for its core gameplay. Distressingly, this is a sub-Age of Empires affair which rapidly becomes a chore.» Ultimately, he felt the game was "stuck in the past.[7]" GamesRadar's Troy Goodfellow had similar issues, scoring the game 2 out of 5 and writing "Sparta offers little that is original or captivating. It breathes some life into naval and siege combat, but the maps are too cramped to enjoy grappling Roman warships or mounting siege towers.[1]"

IGN's Martin Korda scored the game 5.8 out of 10, writing «this is a game we've all played before in virtually every aspect.» As with Eurogamer, he criticized the lack of strategy required for combat and similarity of the three campaigns, concluding "It just comes down to the fact that Ancient Wars: Sparta doesn't have anything special in a genre filled with incredible game experiences right now.[9]" GameSpot's Jason Ocampo scored the game 6.3 out of 10, praising the graphics but finding the gameplay derivative, the voice acting very poor and the difficulty too high; "Ultimately, Sparta comes off as a very generic real-time strategy game, and there's not a lot here to make the game stand out from a relatively crowded field. Ancient Wars Sparta Download Torrent.

Ancient Wars Sparta  Free Download PC Game

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