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Game Information

Official NameAirfix Dogfighter
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Unique Development Studios
Publisher (s)EON Digital Entertainment
Designer (s)Daniel Nygren[1]
Artist (s)Peter R. Andersson
Platform (s)Microsoft Windows, PC
Release date (s)2000
Genre (s)Action, Combat flight simulator
Mode (s)Single-player, multiplayer


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Airfix Dogfighter Full PC Game Overview

Airfix Dogfighter Download Free Full Game is a 2000 flight-combat video game for the personal computer; developed by Unique Development Studios and Paradox Entertainment,[2] published by EON Digital Entertainment,[3] it was released on January 14[4][5] in North America and Europe.[6] 15 planes are at the players' disposal to reenact World War Two in a 1950s home.

The game is based on the popular Airfix brand of plastic models. Airfix Dogfighter lets players pilot detailed, miniature versions of World War II aircraft through a large, 3D-rendered house. Fly for the Allies or the Axis powers, each with a home base in a different room of the house. Dogfights take place in the yard or throughout a house full of curios, knick-knacks, canisters, and decorations, many of which can be destroyed and which contain special power-ups. Airfix Dogfighter Free Download.


The Airfix Dogfighter engine supports 9 different weapons, 4 of which will become stronger as the player unlocks tech bonuses. The machinegun, cannon, rocket, and bomb weapons are available to both sides and can be upgraded through 5 different tech levels. Each side has two unique weapons in the singleplayer campaign; the Axis can use homing rockets and a «particle beam» laser. However, the Allied forces use floating «paramines» and a Tesla coil capable of shocking multiple units. Last, both forces unlock an atomic bomb in the last campaign mission for their side. All the specialty weapons start at the highest tech level and are unaffected by bonuses.


Players have 5 tech levels. They start with the first one, which is the simplest, but can, however, acquire stars or crosses (stars for allies, crosses for axis), which are found in destroyed enemies or breakables (items in the surrounding environment that players can destroy). 10 stars upgrade players to the second level, 11 stars to the next, and 10 more to get to the final level, which makes destruction of most enemies easy.

Enemy Units

In the campaign, players fight some of the most popular tank designs in WWII, including the Churchill, Tiger Tank, and Sherman.


For most rooms, players must have a key to get in, which will be revealed depending on the mission. Unless otherwise specified, players cannot go upstairs in Axis or downstairs in Allies, or their airplanes will eventually catch fire and crash. At the end of the Allied Campaign, players can go wherever they want in the house. Airfix Dogfighter Free Download PC Game.


This game is based on the invasion of Britain.


In multiplayer, players can have their own insignia and aircraft. Players also can choose a game created map or a map in the editor. Players can also make special practice maps for themselves and create buildings.


The editor is where players make their own maps from a variety of rooms which can form to whatever the user likes to make. Airfix Dogfighter Download Torrent.

Airfix Dogfighter Free Download PC Game

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