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Official NameConflict Zone
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)MASA Group
Publisher (s)Ubisoft
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Genre (s)Real time strategy
Mode (s)Single player, multiplayer


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Conflict Zone Download Torrent Conflict Zone for PC Conflict Zone Free Download PC Game


Conflict Zone Full PC Game Overview

Conflict Zone Download Free Full Game is a war-themed real-time strategy game, developed by MASA Group and published by Ubisoft for Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, and Microsoft Windows.


It's the early 21st century and the majority of the world's countries have created the ICP (International Corps for Peace), an organization dedicated to bringing about world peace. However, not all countries are keen to be involved and these persist in generating conflicts through the organisation GHOST. A secret organisation, which warrants only the economic interests of its members without any attachment to morals, GHOST, does not hesitate to create crisis situations with the goal of destabilising the worldwide equilibrium and endanger any chance of peace.


There are 2 playable campaigns in Conflict Zone: the GHOST campaign, and the ICP campaign. Missions take place in locations and involve fictional conflicts such as a civil war in Ukraine, war between Indonesia and Malaysia, India and Pakistan and Nigeria and Niger. Most missions require the player to build a base in order to successfully complete the mission. Conflict Zone Free Download. The civilians are taken to your base to earn money from propagandistic popularity, so instead of destroying supply depots like most games you have to kill the civilians that linger in the enemy's base. There are several buildings which can be built, including refugee/enlistment camps (refugee camps for the ICP, enlistment camps for the GHOST), barracks, vehicle factories, and logistics buildings (which speed up unit and structure construction/training times).

Conflict Zone's main innovation was the use of propaganda, which was crucial in the game: acting in a way that brought public attention against the player's side made the game harder. In addition, both the ICP and the GHOST have their own advantages. The ICP had more advanced units, but could command less units in total than the GHOST, and ICP units were more expensive. The GHOST units on the other hand, were cheaper and could be fielded in larger numbers, but they were less advanced than their ICP counterparts. Conflict Zone Free Download PC Game.

 Conflict Zone Free Download PC Game

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Conflict Zone Free Download PC Game

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